Sunday, 31 January 2016

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks / Review & Swatches

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks Swatches
L-R: Under My Spell, Cheeky Coral, Beachy-Peachy
Rimmel is hands down my favorite drugstore beauty brand, especially if we’re talking lip products! We all know how much love I have for their Exaggerate Lip Liners (here), so when Rimmel announced that they are bringing out a brand new range of lipsticks the excitement was real! The Only 1 (here) lippies claim that they are ‘all-in-one lipstick that offer high impact color, moisture, all day comfort and staying power’. Sounds fab, doesn’t it! Well, I decided to put the bold statement to the test and give three of the 15 shades a whirl. The report goes as follows:

For starters, the shade range is to die for, let me tell you that! There is not much offering for the nude lip lovers, I am afraid, but if you are a bright lipstick wearer, like myself, the range will make you swoon! There are some fab vibrant shades, perfect for the upcoming spring season and the beaut mauve / purples make my heart jump a little. I got my mitts on three of the shades and I love them all to pieces. First, we have Peachy-Beachy, which is a stunning vivid peachy coral that brightens up the complexion beautifully and is a great warmer months lip companion. Cheeky Coral is a stunning coral, which I can imagine would look fab with tan on. My favorite of the bunch is Under My Spell, which gives me serious MAC Rebel (here) vibes and is a gorgeous fuchsia berry color. All lipsticks go on glossy at first but after a few minutes set to a beautiful satin finish.

As much as I love the shades though, I am not sure about the formula. What I give the stamp of approval to would be the moisturizing properties of the lippies. They do feel rather hydrating and don’t dry out the lips, which is a massive plus. The up to five-hour pigmentation is also amazing and I even managed to chomp my way through an entire sushi date once without the need of reapplication! The pigmentation is also on point and one layer is all you need to get full-blown color.

And that’s with the positives, I’m afraid. The Only 1 Lipsticks feel somewhat wet and waxy and I find them quite hard to apply and get an even color. You definitely need a brush, especially for the darker shades, otherwise the colors goes streaky. Even though the lipsticks are branded as ‘lightweight’, they actually feel rather heavy on the lips and are not particularly comfortable in my opinion. What I am mostly on the fence about these babies though is the scent. It has the typical ‘Rimmel lippy’ scent but on these it is so strong and overpowering that it made me sick at one point. It will have to be a ‘no’ from me ladies but definitely go give these a swatch and see for yourself. If you can bare the smell and the texture, some of these shades are definitely worth giving a try.

Have you tried the Rimmel The Only 1 lipsticks yet? Which is your fave shade of the three?

Lots of love,
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Friday, 29 January 2016

My Go-To Lunch

My Go-To Lunch, avocado on toast

If you’ve been following me on Snapchat (@rosychicc *wink wink*) then you’re probably sick of me showing you my lunch by now. It’s pretty much the same. Everyday. Cuz I’m diverse like that haha. The thing about me though is that when I like something, I stick with it for the longest time. Even though I usually like to experiment with my food, on workdays I like to keep things fast and simple, so this lil ‘recipe’ is perfect for me.

When the clock hits the twelve-hour mark and my belly starts rumbling I usually start craving something fresh and nutritious. And even though I would usually love a burger or a nice portion of fries, I tend to stick to being as healthy as possible and not go carbs overboard. I love my bread way too much not to include it in my meal, I am afraid, but I like to use whole-grain bread over white bread. And from there things get fairly easy – all you need is an avocado, an egg, some salmon and maybe salt and a squeeze of lime.

I like to toast my bread before I slather it with avocado just to get that crunchy flavor. Make sure that the avocado is ripe and squishy before use because not only it tastes better in my opinion but it will be much easier for it to get mashed onto the slice of bread. You can add a pinch of salt/ pepper or lime and just leave it to that and enjoy its nutritional benefits. I like to top it off though. The best combination for me consists of a fried/poached egg and some smoked salmon. That way you get quite diverse flavor and it makes things a bit more nutritious and filling.

This lunch is fairly healthy and makes a brilliant post-workout (yes, I’ve started exercising but more on that later) treat. It takes me no more than 10 minutes to prepare and gives me a fab boost of energy. Highly recommend!

What is your go-to lunch?

Lots of love,
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blush in Dusty Rose / Review

H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blush in Dusty Rose

H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blush in Dusty Rose

H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blush in Dusty Rose

H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blush in Dusty Rose

H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blush in Dusty Rose Swatches

The dry and dull winter skin has finally caught up on me, so a good brightening blush is more than welcome and exactly what my skin needs atm. And things don’t really get much better than the H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blush in Dusty Rose (here). I’m sure you’ve noticed the beauty community going absolutely bonkers about the new H&M beauty range recently and with good reason! It is simply stunning! From the sleek, Instagram-worthy packaging, to the beaut shades and the fab quality – it is just incredible!

The Pure Velvet Cream blushes are no exception and after me taking ages to decide which shade should I go for my boyfriend kindly treated me to ‘Dusty Rose’ for Christmas. When I found this gem underneath the Christmas tree I could sense a love affair forming straight away. It is just divine and the mauve pink shade is beaut and so flattering too. It goes on like a light neutral pink and I think it’s safe to say that it’s one of those ‘suite-everyone’ shades. My favorite thing about Dusty Pick is its anti-fatigue and winter pick-me-up properties. Hello brighter complexion!

The Dusty Rose is matte blush with no shimmer or glitter in sight and I love how natural it looks on the skin. It has more of a velvety/powdery finish, rather than dewy but it blends fairy easy without dragging or pulling the skin. The Pure Velvet blushes are all crazy pigmented and you literally need the tiniest bit and a light hand to add that fresh flush of color to your cheeks. This beauty stays put for some good five hours, which considering the price is rather impressive. So in conclusion what can I say? Now I get all the hype about the latest H&M beauty releases and I am a fan. I may even have a cheeky lil’ eyeshadow to share with you, so stay tuned!

Have you tried any of the H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blushes yet? Have you picked up anything from the new H&M beauty range?

Lots of love,
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Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Luxury Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Loreal Steampod

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarine Candle

Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Watch

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set

So Christmas is right around the corner, which means Christmas shopping! I’m typically not one to do Christmas Gift Guides because let’s face it – by the time I get round to doing them everyone and their dog has blogged about the best beauty kits and sets on the market. I always jump late on the bandwagon, I can’t help it. Having said that though, this year I really wanted to try and give some of you ideas on what to get your closest ladies. I decided to focus on some more expensive treats that I would personally love to find under my Christmas tree. We have fashion, makeup and hair care bits thrown in the mix, so let’s get started…

If you know someone that’s really into hair care then things seriously don’t get any better than the new Loreal Steampod* (here). This innovative lil’ tool takes hair styling to a whole new level. It uses steam to style the locks, which makes it 10x more gentle then our regular heat-styling tools. It minimizes the heat damage whilst making the hair look and feel super smooth and shiny and the long lasting results are incredible. Wanna hear a little secret? I actually way prefer it to my GHDs. Review is coming your way soon, but I’m sure that many ladies would love to unwrap this gem on Christmas Day.

If you have a candle lover in your life then you can’t go wrong with the Jo Malone candles (here). They are so luxurious, smell absolutely incredible and look so classy and sophisticated in every home. My fave scent is the Lime Basil & Mandarin (here / review) one, which is perfect for every season because of its fresh and clean scent. Every Jo Malone candle comes beautifully wrapped and it would be the perfect treat to find under the Christmas tree.

For the more fashion-oriented lady in your life I’d say go for a watch. It’s a piece that will always remind her of you and it’s really very special. I still remember the excitement of my best friend (find her blog here) last year when she opened her Daniel Wellington watch (here). They are my favorite as they come in so many different shapes and colors and the quality is fab. My recent favorite is this Classic Bristol* one in Rose Gold (here). It goes with almost any outfit and the leather wristband gives it such sophisticated feel. I love it and if you fancy treating someone special to a DW watch you can get 15% off with the code ‘rosychicc’. It’s valid until January 15th.

I personally love getting new perfumes as presents and I think it’s always great to get your loved ones a new scent. The Chloe Eau de Parfume (here) has been all I’ve been wearing for the past few months and it’s definitely one to check out. It’s super feminine and just screams ‘special’. Definitely go give it a little spritz and see for yourself.

Zoeva brushes. Do I need to say more? Swoon! They tick all the boxes what can I say. Makeup brushes are always a good idea as you can never have too many, am I right? The Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set (here / review) would definitely be something I would loooove to unwrap on Christmas Day. The quality is absolutely incredible, the brushes make makeup application a child’s play and the bristles are so soft it’s not even funny. There are eight gorgeous brushes in total, housed in a lovely faux leather travel bag and I use every single one of them on a daily basis. The set it incredible value for money, so you can’t really go wrong.

There are tons of fab makeup sets out this year but if you don’t want to go for them then a high quality makeup piece is the way to go. I personally don’t know anyone who would say ‘no’ to a Chanel lippy for instance, so why not opt for one? They are true classics, just pick a finish and a shade and you’re set. And if you’re shopping for a nail polish fanatic, then a luxurious high-end nail polish is always a good idea. Formula wise, my faves are YSL and Estee Lauder as they apply like a dream, stay put for ages and have beautiful high-gloss finish. They shades are to die for as well, so go have a look.

What are you getting your loved-ones this Christmas?

Lots of love,
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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas Day 2 // Office To Party Beauty Picks

Office to party makeup

The Christmas Party season is officially open, which means it’s time for a quick and easy makeup transformation. Most probably in the ladies bathroom. Classy times, I know. It’s not the most desirable of places but sometimes it has to be done when your dressing table is not an option. I’ve got you covered though, so fear not! All you need is a handful of easy-to-slap on products, which will get your everyday office makeup from bare-there to oh-so-glamorous and party-ready. The list of products goes as follows…

Even though I always like to go for budge-proof base makeup when I’m going out, things may still need a bit of freshening up. I like to start by topping my foundation with my trusty Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation (here / review). It adds a bit of coverage, as well as injects some moisture back into my skin. It goes on beautifully and doesn’t disturb the makeup underneath – fab. If you don’t want to go down the foundation route though, you can always pop some concealer under your eyes and on any spots that may have be peeking through. The Soap & Glory Kick Ass (here / review) is perfect as it comes in two shades – one for the eye area and one for blemishes. Then simply dust some powder all over the face to take away any shine and to help set everything in place. Chanel Les Beiges (here / review) is always my powder of choice as it blends like a dream and adds a touch of coverage without looking caked on.

By the end of the working day chances are your blush and bronzer are nowhere to be seen, so reapplication is in order. Enhance those cheekbones and warm thing up with a touch of bronzing powder and you’re good to go. My favorite as of late is the Bare Minerals Ready Bronzer (here), which ticks all the boxes with its buttery, easy-to-blend formula. For some added color simply dust some blush on the apples of your cheeks. I love Benefit Rockateur (here / review) for nights out as it highlights the area beautifully and makes mu skin look dewy and fresh.

For eyes, you can’t go wrong with a speedy smokey eye and the Kiko Eyeshadow Stick in #6 Golden Brown (here / review) is the bomb. The bronze-y shade is absolutely gorgeous and the metallic finish is the perfect touch for any party. It’s completely foolproof to use and it stays on until you say so. If you want to add more drama into your makeup then you can’t go wrong with eyeliner. It’s a bit tricky to apply with mascara on, but it makes the biggest difference, so in my makeup bag it goes. I love the Loreal Super Liner Perfect Slim (here) as it’s offers great precision and the tip is perfect for creating both thin and thick wing.

When I think Christmas Party I instantly think red lip. It’s the ultimate seasonal must-have, isn’t it! Red lipstick tends to be a bit hard to apply on the go though and that’s why I opted for the Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencil in Light It Up (review). The bright classic red share is to die for and compliments all skin tones beautifully. It is super easy and faff-free to apply and the best part is that it stays in tact for hours, regardless of the number of cocktails I’m having. Just make sure you steer clear of the mistletoe because this baby transfers. A lot.

No one has time for complex hairstyles post-work, so it’s all about getting texture. Just spritz some texturizing spray through your locks, give them a scrunch and voila – hello voluminous party-ready hair! I can’t live without my Charles Worthington Texturizing Spray (here / review), which never fail to deliver all the right amounts of oomph to my strands. Last but not least, spritz on your favorite perfume and you’re done! Mine pick is Chloe Eau de Parfum (here) – it’s just divine! Go give it  asniff ladies and add it to your Christmas wishlist!

Have you tried any of these products? Which is your number one Christmas party essential?

Lots of love,
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