Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Reds

Christmas Red Lipsticks and Nail Polishes

Christmas Red Lipsticks

Christmas Red Nail Polishes

Yes, I am one of those people who like to dress up for Christmas and my makeup menu consists of golden eye shadows, loads of mascara and the essential red lips with matching red nails. Pretty simple, yet super effective and festive. I am usually not one to sport the red lip on a daily basis but the Christmas spirit always gets to me and suddenly red is my only color option. This year is no different, so I whipped out my current favorite show-stopping reds and the list goes as follows…

If you’ll be rocking the bold red lip, prepping the lips is absolutely essential and to help my lips get all soft and smooth I like to give them a lil’ scrub with my Christmassy Santa’s Lip Scrub from Lush (here). This cola flavored gem gently gets rid of all the flakes and dead skin cells, making sure that my lips are well prepped and ready for any lipstick or for those very special mistletoe kisses. After I’ve discovered the wonders that lip liners work, I cannot wear a bold lip without a lip pencil underneath, so to define my lips I like to use this Essence Lip Liner in 14 Femme Fatale (here). This baby just glides on and its uber creamy and soft formula doesn’t drag or dry out the lips and also prolongs the wear of any lippy. Score!

After I rummaged my stash, trying to narrow down my lipsticks options I came out with three classic red lippies, one from each category. We have a regular lipstick, a lip pencil and a liquid lipstick thrown in the mix. All very affordable and with brilliant long-lasting formulas that will keep your smudged-lipstick worries at bay. For a beautiful completely matte finish, we have this gorgeous Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red (here + swatches here). You know how much I adore this little stunner and its feminine red shade that dries a touch darker then the other three and which perks up my skin tone beautifully thanks to its cooler undertones! It goes opaque in one swipe and it doesn’t budge through eating, drinking, talking and kissing. The perfect dinner party companion! If you fancy a classic red with a slight hint of pink then this Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate in #22 (here + swatches here) is the one to swatch. It’s the brightest of the bunch and I adore its hydrating formula and the lovely semi-matte finish. It has ‘glamorous’ written all over it and it’s a total winner in my books. Christmas Eve lippy – sorted! If you are after a nice classic red, which has the perfect blend of blue and orange undertones in it, then this Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil in Light It Up (here + swatches here) is what you need in your life. It has that Old Hollywood vibe we all know and love it is completely foolproof to apply. The longevity is spot on and it stays on until you say so. Brilliant.

For second year in a row my nails will be happily painted with Essie Toggle To The Top (here + swatches here). Christmas in a bottle is the best description I could give it and I am smitten by the gorgeous deep burgundy red shade with ruby red glitters running though *insert a heart eyed emoji*! Pop some top coat on for smoothing properties and you’re done. For a quick and easy classic red mani this Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel nail polish in #11 Rouge In Style (here + swatches here) is your best bet. One coat is all you need to get full blown color and the fact that this baby takes only 30 seconds to dry makes it my best friend. Oh and the fab silicone gel texture is to die for as well – it gives a good week of wear and beautiful high gloss finish – love. Nails Inc. Tate (here) is a perfect option if you like deeper red nails. This gem peps up all skin tones and I just love how sophisticated and classy it is. It doesn’t hang around for ages like the other two but the beautiful shiny finish makes up for that. It's a good'un.

Which are your favorite Christmas reds?

Lots of love,

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cosy Winter Night Essentials

Cosy Winter Night Essentials

Cosy Winter Night Essentials

Cosy Winter Night Essentials

Cosy winter nights in have become a regular occurrence here in the RosyChicc household and I just love to get all warm and fuzzy while it’s cold and miserable outside. Now with the holiday season right around the corner it’s the perfect time to relax and get those positive vibes fill you in. I have a lil’ list of evening loveliness that involves switched off phone, a hot uplifting bath and endless snuggles in cosy loungewear and beautiful aromas filling up the room. Divine. If you want to know exactly how I get cozied up and ready for a good night sleep, read on…

It wouldn’t be a cosy evening without soaking in a lovely hot bath, am I right ladies? That’s my favorite way to warm both by body and soul and it’s the very thing that calms my mind and preps me for a nice trip to lala land. Recently I’ve been loving this The Bathory Deton Bath Soak (here), which is infused with Chamomile, Frankincense and Sandalwood organic oils and not only smells divine but also draws out the toxins of your body. Brilliant isn’t it! After I’m done with my bath I like to do my skincare routine (nothing beats the amazing feel and freshly cleansed and moisturized skin, right?) and then it’s time for a cuppa (this Gifts & Pieces mug though!). I usually go for peppermint tea but if I fancy treating myself a cup of hot chocolate topped by unreasonable amount of marshmallows is a must. Before I jump in bed I fill in my Christmassy knitted hot water bottle from Primark (similar here) for some added cosiness and warmth – love!

After I tuck myself in my little sanctuary (a.k.a my bed) I make sure that I’m covered in multiple layers of loungewear, including my beloved fuzzy Polka Dot OYSHO sweatshirt (very similar here), which is softer and warmer then a hug and it’s the epitome of coziness in my books. I can never feel warm and cozy enough until I have a pair of fluffy socks on. They are cute, they are fun and so soft and squishy – such a staple in my cosy routine and I can’t be without a pair! I am quite the cold feet sufferer and when I really want to warm things up I also put on my trusty Primark slip-on slippers (here), which are reserved only for in-bed time. They keep me super warm and I love comfy they are, creating the barefoot feeling, minus the cold. Get a pair!

Now that I’m all snug and cosy it’s scented candle time! My favorite part and this divine Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Candle (here) has been keeping me the best company. It’s not your typical spicy wintery scent but I love that it offers an incredible spa-like experience. It’s warming but fresh at the same time and the hint of citrus still makes me feel a bit festive. While I enjoy the beautiful candle scent and sipping on my tea I like to switch off my phone, get off social media and just relax. Reading a nice book, catching up on some YouTube videos (how amazing everyone’s Vlogmas is this year!) or just watching a funny film – take your pick. I personally find that reading a book is what calms me the most and I love to just dive into the magic world of the characters. I’m currently rereading Pride and Prejudice (here) and I just can’t put it down! Last but not least, I like to give my pillow a few pre-snooze sprites of my favorite This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (here). Inhaling the calming Lavender, Vetivert & Wild Chamomile vapors fights the physical and mental fatigue and helps me drift off before I can count to 10. My nightly ritual cannot be complete without it. Zzzzz

I really hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to let me know what some of your cosy winter night essentials are?

Lots of love,

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

7 Things To Do This Christmas

Things To Do This Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and I cannot even contain my excitement eep! It’s my favorite time of the year and I just love everything about it - the amazing time spent with my loved ones, the delicious food, the smile on people’s faces when they open up their presents, the fairy lights, the carols – everything. The magic atmosphere just makes me so happy and I like to make the most out of it while it lasts. Every year I make a little list of things to do before Christmas to help me get into the festive spirit even more. There isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking but I decided to share some my favorite activities with you so that you can get some ideas and hopefully make some unforgettable memories this season.

Go Ice Skating
Get your skates on and go slice the ice in an outdoor skate rink! That’s the epitome of Christmas for me and I absolutely love it. Ice-skating has become a tradition of my dad and I and we do it at least once every year. Even though he is pretty much a pro and I can barely stay on the ice – we do have tons of fun and the amazing atmosphere and the lovely Christmas carols playing in the background never fail to put me in the festive mood.

Bake Christmas Cookies
Even though you might not be world’s finest baker, making Christmas cookies is always fun and definitely my favorite Christmas family tradition. We spend the whole day in the kitchen experimenting with recipes, laughing and listening to festive songs whilst being covered in flour and food coloring. Fun times and I love how divine and Christmassy the house smells during the process! Here is my favorite Christmas cookies recipe that I shared last year – it’s incredible!

Homemade Christmas Cookies

Make Tasty Winter Beverages
What a better way to warm both your body and spirit then fixing yourself a delicious spicy wintery drink. I just love to snug in bed, watching Vlogmas and sip on some traditional Christmassy beverages. My absolutely faves are Mulled Wine and Eggnog (my recipe here), which are both firm classics and with a good reason. If you fancy something non-alcoholic then making a hot chocolate or a gingerbread latte are both easy and effective ways to set the festive mood. Yum.

Starbucks Christmas Mugs

Watch Christmas Films And Listen To Carols
These are the most obvious ones but also the most affective if you are lacking in the Christmas mood department. Make a festive playlist on Spotify or listen to the ones on YouTube whilst getting ready in the morning and it will definitely help you feel more Christmassy. I have Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ on repeat as we speak and I’m already counting down the days! Also, watching some traditional Christmas movies with your better half or best friends is also a must and if Elf or Home Alone don’t get you into the festive spirit I don’t know what will.

Visit The Christmas Markets
Now this is definitely my favorite outdoor activity to do before Christmas! Paying a visit to the traditional German Christmas Markets with Alex every year is our way to dive into the whole Christmas spirit even more and I cannot wait to hit them next week! I love this little festive place, which is always so beautifully decorated and that involves loads of delicious food and drinks. We always indulge in some mulled wine and roasted chestnuts while looking around and picking new baubles for our Christmas tree, which btw is yet to go up, oops!

Say Yes To Festive Fashion
Festive clothing is my utter weakness when it comes to Christmas and it’s also the very thing that makes me super excited about the holidays. I do like to dress myself as if I’ve just come out of Santa’s Grotto, I can’t help it! There are tons of pieces available these days – from stylish to funny – they all contribute to the festive feels. Christmas jumper has always been a fashion essential this time of year and I can’t really say no to a new pair of fluffy socks or leggings either. They are just too cute! Now you know what to get me for Christmas, mum!

Primark Christmas Leggings

Get Involved With a Charity
Last be certainly not least, I’d say get involved with a Charity of your choice. Christmas is all about giving and helping the less-fortunate experience even a little of the Christmas magic is truly the best thing you could do. Let’s all do something good this season and warm a heart, or more!

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to let me know which are some of your favorite things to do before Christmas?

Lots of love,

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