Sunday, 19 August 2012

What is in my beach/ pool bag?

Hi beauties and welcome to my blog! Today I will be telling you guys what is in my beach/ pool bag. Now, I know I am really late considering it is the end of August and the summer is nearly over but I am currently on the seaside and I decided it will be fun to show you anyways! Just to warn you guys out - it will be a really long list lol!

What is in my beach/ pool bag

The bag I am currently using I bought at Lacoste and I quite like it because it is big enough to fit in all of the stuff I carry with me, which is quite bit! Basically any large tote bag will the the trick and sorry I don't have a picture of it to show you guys! :)

1.  So the first thing I like to carry with me at the beach is obviously a towel. I hate laying directly on the plastic chaise-longue because it gets so sticky and uncomfortable , plus it's always good to  be able to absorb the water when you get out of the water. The towel I use is just a super hot pink one, perfect for summer.

2.  The second thing I like to have with me is yet another towel lol. A face towel. The reason I like to carry a separate towel for my face is that I feel like it will be really insanitary to use one for my face and for my body.  

3.  Next, I have my beach hat. It is just a straw floppy hat which I bought from I just adore the feel those floppy hats give to your beach outfit, it is so classy and chic. I love wearing them during the summer, especially when I am laying by the pool or at the beach because they really protect your face and hair from the sun. Also they keep your hair from blowing everywhere if it is windy outside, and I hate it when my hair is flying all over the place.

4.  The next thing I have I feel like it is the most important - Sunscreen with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor)! I really cannot stress out  enough how vital wearing sunscreen is. I am sure you've heard this before but basically what it does is that it blocks the UV radiation and by doing so it protects the skin of getting burnt, having premature aging and most importantly getting skin cancer! I always wear it when I am outside and my skin is exposed. The one I am currently using is by Garnier and it is called "Ambre Solaire". I have been using it the whole summer and I am absolutely in-love with it. It is very silky and smooth and I have not bunt at all when I had it on. I like to reapply it throughout the day though, just to make sure my skin in fully protected. 

5.  So next up, I always carry my facial sunscreen to the beach with me. I tend to put a little bit of it on right before I head down to the beach. But the reason I carry it with me is that I feel like the majority of the facial sunscreens are not very water resistant and so I like to reapply. The one I have now in my beach bag is also my all time favorite ever - it is the Diorsnow White Reveal UV Shield with SPF 50 -PA+++. I wear this stuff every single day underneath my foundation and I absolutely love it! It does not cause me breakout, it smells fresh and clean and most importantly I feel like it really helped me with my acne scaring. If you have not tried it - try it! Is is amazing. I know that it is kinda pricy but in my opinion it is totally worth it!

6.  Then I have with me my wide tooth comb so I can easily brush my hair and get rid of all tangles. I don't know about you guys but my hair always gets so tangly when I get out of the water lol.

7.  I also like to have hair ties and bobby pins on the beach with me because I love putting my hair up in a messy bun when for example I'm going to grab some lunch or when I play beach volleyball with my friends.  

8.  The next thing is the only makeup item I bring to the beach - my MAC Lip Conditioner in "Petting Pink". I love this stuff because it gives some really nice pinkish tint to my lips while at the same time protects them from burning since it has SPF 15 in it. Btw just to let you guys know that you probably should protect your lips too, cuz a couple of years ago I did not  know that the lips can even get burnt but then one day I was outside the whole day and when I came home for dinner my lippies were sooo burnt and it hurt really badly for the next week or so. :(   So now during summertime I always try to have some SPF on.

9.  The next two things I pretty much cannot leave  my house without are my  iPhone and some earplugs. I am obsessed with my phone and when I am at the beach or by the pool I love using it kinda as my iPod too and listen to some music. This helps me really relax and enjoy the sun.

10. Then I carry with me a two bottles of water. I always feel so dehydrated when I am laying on the sun so I drink tons of water to help my body stay hydrated. It also helps me to wash down any snacks I may eat.

11. Speaking of snacks - I looove eating pistachios at the beach! Hehe I know it sounds quite strange and I don't really know what it is about pistachios but they just are my all time fav. snack to munch while sunbathing. 

12. Next I like to bring some chewing gum with me so I can freshen my mouth a bit.

13. And theeeeen we have the thing I am probably most excited about - my book! Now I am reading "Mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins. I am sure you all know what I am talking about so I will not talk in detail about it, but let me just tell you - it is amazing!! I love it, so catchy!

14. Except carrying a good book I also quite like flipping through magazines when I am just not as concentrated to read a serious book. I love just watching pictures and finding out about the new trends. I usually tend to bring the latest issues of Cosmo, Glamour and my personal favorite- Teen Vogue

15. Oh, how could I almost forgot, I never ever leave for the beach without my sunglasses. I have a terrible eyesight and my doctor once told me I should really pay attention and always have sunglasses on, so I do. :)

16. Then, of course I pack my wallet with some cash in it in case I want to get myself a cold drink or something.

17. Next thing is my hand sanitizer. I always wear one with me and especially at the beach where there are loads of germs, I feel like. My absolutely favorite one is by Soap&Glory and it is called "Hand Maid". It cleanses my hands really well, leaving them feeling clean and fresh. And the smell... Oh, the smell... If you've tried Soap&Glory products before, you know exactly what I am talking about! And if you haven't then you definitely should go and give it a sniff. :)  

18. The next item is by Victoria's Secret and its one of their body mists. Mine is called "Aqua Kiss". To me it is the most amazing summer scent ever lol. It smells like freesia&daisy. I like to spray a little bit on by body when I feel too hot and I need an instant pick-me-up. It has nice cooling effect.

19. Then I like to have a Sudoku Puzzle with me. I really like solving these just for fun!

20. So, then we have a tanning oil. I like the one by Yamamay. I have had mine for a couple of years now and what I do is basically apply a very small amount on top of my regular sunscreen and lay in the sun for not more than 30 mins. a day. At the end of my holiday I always have super nice bronze looking skin. 

21. And the very last thing I like to pack in my beach bag are my Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes. I love having those because I always like to put on my sunscreen on by freshly cleansed skin.  

So, I guess this is all I have in my beach/pool bag. I know I probably take waaaay too much stuff but I like to be prepared. :)

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and checking out my blog, this really means a lot! Unfortunately, since I am out of town this week I will not be able to upload another post this week, but next week I am getting into the swing of things. :)

If you guys have any questions or comments please leave me a comment below. I would love to see those!

Have an amazing day!



  1. These are my essentials too! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    xo Jo

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