Saturday, 8 September 2012

Day 07: Favorite Animal:

Hi lovelies! Today's post doesn't have anything to do with beauty and fashion, but it's part of my 30 day Beauty Blogger Challenge and I think it's fun to do. Plus, I am a huge, huge animal lover so the topic is quite exciting for me as well :))

So, I know I'm supposed to choose only one animal, but I just couldn't decide between dogs and dolphins.  

The reason I love dogs so much is probably because I've had a dog pretty much as long as I remember myself (16 years to be exact). He is an english pointer breed, and he is the sweetest and most lovable dog! :)) What I love about dogs is that they get so attached to their owners, that they practically become inseparable part of the family they live it. They are so loving, funny and you know what they say - " dogs are people's best friends"! What is not to love about them? Hehe :))

Then for dolphins... I don't think that there is a particular reason why I am so obsessed with them, but I just love them so much! They are such a unique species. They are highly intelligent and really friendly mammals, who also, as the dogs have a special relationship with the humans. And do I even need to mention that they are incredibly adorable and cute?! :)) A great dream of mine has been to swim with dolphins and I hope that one day I'll make this dream come true! 

Oh, I also really like platypuses! Lol

Which is you favorite animal?

Have a great weekend!



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