Saturday, 26 January 2013

Winter Fashion:

Hello lovelies! How are you doing? First, I’d really like to apologize for the lack of posts this week, but if you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you know that I was on a ski vacation and I just came back home a couple of hours ago! Anyways, now I’m back with a new post for you guys! :))

While being on my vacation and fell completely in-love with the trend of wearing whites during winter time! It seemed like everyone was rocking this look and I got really inspired to do a quick little inspiration collage showing you how I, personally would style it. Hope you enjoy! 

winter fashion
Winter Fashion
1. So the first thing is this lovely rosy top from J.Crew. It is super simple and basic, which is perfect for this look, because I didn’t wanted it to steal the show from the other pieces, but just to add a pop of color to the whole outfit.

2. Next we have these lovely trouser-leggings from River Island. They caught my eye because of the cute color, which I think definitely compliments the rosy top. Plus, I like that they are quite skinny which I love when wearing oversized cardigans!

3. Speaking of oversized cardigans, the one I chose is from River Island as well. There are just tons of amazing cardies on the market so you can choose any one that you like. This winter I’ve been obsessed with wearing them – they are cozy, warm and super comfy! 

4. For look like this I feel like that a scarf is a definite must! It gives the whole outfit a lovely finish and at the same time it will keep you super warm! The one I adore is an infinity scarf from Tory Burch

5. For boots, I like this UGG Boots which make the look really feminine while keeping your feet comfy and warm! 

6. Next, for a handbag I chose this Le Pliage small handbag from Longchamp. I love how its sandy color just finishes off the whole outfit by giving in an extra feminine touch! :)
7. As for accessories, the first thing I think will suit this look perfectly is my rose gold watch from Michael Kors. It glams up the whole outfit, imo!
8. Last but not least, for earrings I really like these little rhinestone studs from Michael Kors. They pair really well with the watch and don’t make the outfit looking too over the top! Love them so much! 

So beauties, this was my take on the winter white trend, really hope you liked this outfit! Please let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to white up! Hehe

Have an inedible day and I’ll talk to you really soon! <33


Monday, 21 January 2013

My Winter Beauty Essentials for healthy and pretty-looking skin and hair:

Hello beauties! So it’s winter time and it is super cold outside and the air is really dry, therefore our skin and hair are experiencing a little bit of a beauty crisis. I personally, have always had problems maintaining my hair and skin looking and feeling glowing and healthy during the colder months. This year, however, I think that I finally found the top ten products that make a really huge deference and help me look my best! :) For me, the winter skin care is all about two things: exfoliation and moisturizing! If you manage to do these two steps on a regular basis during winter, I promise you that you’ll end up looking so much better! <33 So here are my top ten picks, hope you enjoy! :))

my winter beauty essentials

1. So the first thing is my all-time favorite Body scrub! It’s from The Body Shop and it’s their Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub. This stuff smells like heaven to me – super citrusy and fresh! It’s definitely one of my alt-time favorite scents from The Body Shop. The scrub itself has really fine particles which exfoliate like charm, but at the same time are so gentle on the skin and make the skin super soft and smooth! This product also has some organic honey in it which moisturizes and conditions the skin. I really recommend this scrub, it’s lovely! 

2. Next, I like to use a Moisturizing Body Wash!  My favorite one is Soap&Glory’s Clean On Me Shower Gel. I’ve talked about this product before, but I really love it! The main thing I like it is because it has a build-in body lotion in it, which makes it really moisturizing and great for the skin. Plus, it smells basically like heaven!  

3. After I get out of the bathroom I always like to apply a lotion or body butter all over my body. For winter, however, it’s better to use a nice body butter because they are thicker and moisturize the skin deeper and for a longer period of time! My favorite is again from The Body Shop and it’s their “Coconut Body Butter”. I did a full on review on it, so I won’t get into too much detail (see the review here) but I really love it. It makes my skin super hydrated and soft.  

4. For my hair, I always use a Hair Masque during winter, because the dry, cold hair damages the hair and makes it look really unhealthy. To prevent that I use my Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. You can see my review on it here but it really does an amazing job in conditioning and moisturizing the hair. Love it! 

5. As far as my face goes, I like to use a face exfoliator which removes the dead, dry skin and leves my face soft and smooth. My all-time favorite one is Lush’s Ocean Salt. It makes miracles to my skin, especially during the colder months. Check out my review on it here.

6. One of the most important tips for having a soft and healthy looking face which I can give you is to use a face moisturizer at least twice a day! The dry cold air tends to soak out the moisture of your skin and if you don’t do anything about it you’ll be left with dry, flakey face! The one I like to use at the moment is Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer. This product really hydrates my skin and evens out my skin tone and also makes my skin looking super glowy! It absorbs under the skin really well and doesn’t leave oily residue. It’s super affordable and I love it so much! I’m on my fourth tube right now, lol!

7. For my hands I swear by the Soap&Glory Hand Food hand cream. It really moisturizes my hands and it doesn’t feel greasy at all. The smell is also incredible! It’s definitely one of my Holy Grail beauty items and I did a review on it here. :))
8. I don’t know about you, but my cuticles are going crazy during winter. They always get so dry and cracked that I definitely need to use nice cuticle oil or butter. The one I fell completely in-love with recently is the Lush’s Lemony Flutter. It is a really lovely butter that makes your cuticles super soft and smooth. It also nourishes the nails which a lovely bonus. 

9. Last, but certainly not least is the care for my lips. As you probably know if you’ve been following my blog for a while is that I suffer from super dry and chapped lips. During winter they just get the worse, so I really need to exfoliate and moisturize them. For scrub I use my Popcorn Lip Scrub from Lush and I am so impressed by how well it works. If you’re interested check out my full review on it here. :))

10. Then for moisturizing my lips you can use whatever lip balm or butter you wish, but this is really a super important thing to do, especially after exfoliating! My personal favorite at the moment is the Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine. This lip butter is a sheer neutral pink color, ideal for an everyday use. It moisturizes the lips and makes them so soft and smooth. I love it and I use it all the time. :))

So these were my must-have products for winter, really hope you enjoyed! 

Have an amazing new week everyone! <33


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