Friday, 20 September 2013

Space NK Haul + First Impressions

Space NK Haul

Nude Skincare

REN and Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Nars Deep Throat Blush

Hello lovelies and Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend, do you have anything exciting planned? I still have no idea what I’m going to do but as my boyfriend’s GTA V has arrived yesterday, I can imagine we won’t be doing much haha! Anyway, when I was in London one of my top shopping destinations was Space NK. I absolutely love this store, it has such a special and luxurious feel to it, and it’s always such a pleasure to shop there. So I went straight to the Space NK on Covent Garden and got some bits that have been on my wishlist for ages and I think it might be interesting for you to see. I also had the chance to try all products already so I figured that I’d include a little ‘first impressions’ review in the post as well so that you can see how I’m getting along with everything so far. :)

NUDE Natural Radiance Set (£38.00)

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know I’ve been wanting to try NUDE skin care for ages so I was determined to get some of their products on this trip. After a long consideration I decided to go with the Natural Radiance Set because it contains small sizes of the three things I wanted the most. NUDE products are rather pricey so I didn’t want to splash out on products, which may turn out bad for my skin, so this set is perfect to just test them out before buying the full size bottles. The set includes the Perfect Cleansing Oil, the Radiant Day Moisturizer and the ProGenius Treatment Oil. Let’s start with the Cleansing Oil. It is designed to use on both face and eyes and to dissolve makeup and get rid of every last bit of it. And it does its job perfectly. When I use it I can actually see that my face is thoroughly cleansed and my skin feels really soft and smooth. I have experienced a little bit of tightness but it wasn’t anything major and my skin was still feeling nice and comfortable. Moving on to the Radiant Day Moisturizer. It is ‘enriched with the n-probiotic nutrient and zinc, magnesium and copper to hydrate and energize’. It is supposed to make the skin smooth, firm and radiant. Now, I’ve used this product twice and I’ve noticed that my skin is indeed well moisturized and smooth but it’s nothing major and different so far. My skin also looks beautifully radiant, which is nice. I will continue using this cream and I’ll keep you updated as to how I like it when I make up my mind. Now let’s jump onto the last product in the set – the lovely ProGenius Treatment Oil. This babe is definitely my favorite of the bunch! It consists of 10 ‘precious oils’ and it is rich in omega 3, 6, 7 & 9. It is designed to make the skin more radiant, young and healthy-looking. It provides long lasting skin cell nourishment and ‘lifts the skin from within’. I can say that the oil absorbs into the skin really quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue, which is amazing. It could be used as an overnight treatment or under your daily moisturizer to make the skin look more dewy and illuminated. So far I’ve used it only as a treatment at night and when I woke up in the morning my skin was glowing and it was soft as a baby’s bottom! I can definitely see this babe becoming part of my skin care routine, as it seems that it really does work wonders for me!

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (£30)

The REN Glycolactic mask. A cult product that almost every blogger and their dog rave about. Nuff said, I had to try it myself and see what is the hype all about. I am not going to lie, I’m usually quite skeptical when it comes to all-hyped-up products but this time I decided to go with the flow and thank God I did! This mask is absolutely lovely and this comes from someone, who has only used it once! It is a potent exfoliating mask, which thanks to the glycol in it is formulated to renew the complexion, skin tone and radiance and to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Sounds fab doesn’t it? When I used this product my skin instantly felt and looked SO much better! It was much brighter; my skin tone was even out and the redness I have around my nose vanished. Quite literally my skin was glowing and looked so much healthier and youthful. On top of that, it felt ridiculously smooth and I couldn’t stop touching it. Needless to say, I absolutely LOVED using this gem! The good news is that this mask also helps combat congested skin, blemishes and blackheads, especially in a long-term use. This stuff also smells like apricots, which contributes to the pleasant pamper. (:

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (£20)

If you remember my London Wishlist post (btw, I’m happy to tell you that I got everything off it yay!) then you know that I was in a massive need of a new eyelash curler and this one has been the one I wanted. Pretty much all of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus use and swear by it, plus it’s a staple piece of many makeup artists so I thought it has to be good. And it is! Brilliant actually. As it says on the box ‘the shape of the silicone pad gives an elongated sweeping curl instead of harsh crimped look’ and I will have to agree. The Shu Uemura curler is super easy to use and it really creates the perfect, natural curl. This babe comes with one extra silicone rubber pad, which is great for when the old one is worn down and you need to replace it.

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation (£33)

Words cannot describe how glad I am that I picked this foundation up! It is love and it’s my new baby (sorry Chanel). I was contemplating between this one and NARS Sheer Glow but after swatching them both in the store I figured that the Silk Creme is the one to go for. It has a medium to full coverage, which for the colder months I prefer. The foundation evens out my skin tone perfectly and covers up any blemishes or scaring I may have. It really does give me an airbrush finish, especially when using my new Real Techniques Face Expert brush (which btw is incredible!). I honestly don’t think my skin has ever looked better and I am seriously impressed! <3 The foundation also adds a little light to my face but I’d say that the finish is right between dewy and matte, which I am really enjoying at the moment. Silk Crème stays on for hours and hours even without primer / powder and at night it looks almost identical as to what it looked in the morning. My new favorite foundation? Absolutely.

NARS Deep Throat Blush (£21.50)

I am aware that most, if not all of you will disagree, but I don’t find NARS blushes that amazing as many say. Don’t get me wrong, they are brilliant quality but the color range is a bit off for me. I adore my Orgasm blush but then every time I go to a NARS counter to swatch blushes I always leave with something else just because none of the blushes catch my eye. This time though, I decided to spend some extra time experimenting with the colors and eventually left with this beaut. Deep Throat is a stunning warm coral shade, which has very finely milled pink and golden shimmer running through it. It actually quite reminds me of Orgasm but it is a bit more peachy and shimmery, I feel like. Deep Throat gives a beautiful sheen to my cheeks and looks very natural and subtle. It is a great shade to wear on an everyday basis and I think it would suit almost every skin tone. The blush has a lovely silky texture and applies easily and smoothly. It is not as pigmented as Orgasm but you can build the color up so it’s all good. As for it’s lasting power – it stays on me for about five hours without fading. I will definitely do my best to try some more blushes from NARS because they may surprise me as this one did. :)

Wow, this turned out to be a rather long post so I will keep the conclusion short and sweet. I am really pleased with everything I got at Space NK and even though I haven’t used them that much I can see all of these becoming staples in my collection. I will do a full on review on all of them with proper pictures and swatches so keep your eyes peeled for that. Oh and let me know if you like hauls with ‘first impression’ reviews in them, I’d love to do some more of these.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them?

Lots of love,



  1. Love all of these buys, so glad to see your enjoying laura mercier, I was toying between that and nars yesterday and ordered LM in the end so super excited to try it now.

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. Great buys just love the sound of the eye lash curler this is also on my wish list as I have heard so much positives about it :) x

  3. I just made a quite big order from Space NK and the eyelash curlers were one of the things I bought, cant wait to try them even though my wallet was weeping at the time but needs must... :)

  4. Loving the shade of that blush - so pretty!

    Love, When You Dream Big x

  5. Great haul! I really want to try that nars blush!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  6. I was contemplating buying the laura mercier silk creme foundation... but not! you have have persuaded me to go and buy woo hoo

  7. Ah, the damage Space NK does to your bank account. I love Nars blushes and Silk creme foundation.

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

  8. I love Nars products! Great!
    Thanks for sharing)))

  9. Im yet to shop online at Space NK or instore. I know that when I finally do, my bank balance better be filled because I'll be spending a fair amount!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  10. I've never been one to think I'd need a special eyelash curler but I really want to pick that one up as well!

    sundays grace

  11. That Nars blush is so so pretty, perhaps too bright for my complexion, but I do love the shade xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  12. Silk Creme is one of my absolute favourite foundations! It makes my skin look flawless! The Nude face cream has been on my wishlist for a while now, I had a sample and loved it x

  13. These all sound really pretty, I love the look of Deep Throat! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  14. Jealous to death! I am putting my money on the NARS Deep Throat (which I feel would look so lovely on you) and the Laura Mercier foundation :)

    Beauty By Telie

  15. Love these kinds of posts! I have the foundation and blush and I really like them both - the REN Mask and lash curlers are high up on my wishlist too! xx


  16. I still need to get me some Shu Uemura eyelash curlers! I think you've sold me on the Silk Creme foundation.. been looking for a new foundation and it sounds lovely! x

  17. I've wanted to try several of these products so it was great reading your first impressions of them! Thanks for this post!
    Lovely Notions

  18. OH don't tempt me! I am definitly getting the REN Radiance renewal mask, I was skeptical to get it too because of all the hype but now I really want it! And maybe get the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation too!love these First Impressions Posts!


  19. I love deep throat! The one issue I have with nars blush is that it always breaks for me! It gets so messy I hate it! I am really hoping the same won't happen with my laguna bronzer!

  20. Супер изглежда ружа
    Тагнах те - Versatile Blogger Award | Girl's temptations

  21. I love your blog! This is a great post :)
    Come visit me <3

  22. Great choices. That REN mask sounds AMAZING!
    I tagged you in a tag on my blog :)
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  23. Great purchases! I need to try that Ren Mask I have heard such amazing things about it.

  24. I love the Laura Mercier foundation! It's one of the best foundations I've used :) Great Haul!

  25. Ah so you picked up the Laura Mercier one ^^ I'm glad you love it as you do, I'm in love with my Sheer Glow as well thought there are some minor points I'm still struggling with. That Ren mask is on my list as well, I'm so excited to try it after you lined up with the people raving about it!


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