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5 Beauty Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned Recently

5 Beauty Tips and Tricks To Remember

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all well! So recently I’ve decided to start educating my self about beauty a bit more. I bought some books, YouTube beauty videos have been on repeat and I’ve been taking loads and loads of notes. My point being is that over the past few weeks I stumbled across some tips and tricks that I thought are quite useful and I decided to share them with you. They are all tried and tested and I’m happy to announce that they work wonders and I already added them to my beauty routine and I couldn’t be more pleased. I really hope you’ll enjoy this post and will find it somewhat useful. :)

The Tissue Trick:

So tip number one comes from the ever so lovely Gossmakeupartist on YouTube. I absolutely adore his videos and he is incredibly makeup savvy and his recommendations have helped me massively. The tip I wanted to mention today is all about our foundation routine. Basically, what we should be doing is after we apply foundation and concealer we need to take a tissue and pat in onto the skin. This technique helps absorb all the excess oils, as well as the silicones and waxes that are in the foundation. This in turn helps our foundation to stay on a lot longer because all oils that are in the foundation makes it all slippery and it tends to move around your face. Also, by blotting our face before putting on powder, we prevent the foundation from oxidizing. Now I know this is a huge concern for a lot of you and I’ve noticed that if I blot, my foundation doesn’t change its color at all, which is lovely. The reason the foundation turns darker or orange in the first place is because our natural oils mix with foundation’s oils and this makes it oxidize. So if we take all the excess oils off, we could prevent most of the oxidization and this is brilliant! I absolutely love this little tissue trick as it’s proven itself to be quite effective, it doesn’t take much of your time and it’s super cheap to do. An overall winner! :)

Frozen Spoons for De-puffed Eyes

Ever woken up with baggy, puffy eyes before a special event? Yeah, we’ve all been there! So what my mum suggested me doing last week when I had an important meeting was to put two teaspoons in the fridge and leave them there overnight. In the morning you just take them out and place them over your eyes. Leave the spoons on until they get worm and then remove. The cold from the spoons will help tighten the skin and will reduce the appearance of puffy eye area. After you’re finished, apply your favorite eye cream and enjoy your fresh and awake look. :)

Heat Your Eyelash Curler

Continuing with the ‘open and awake’ eyes theme, the tip I have here is such a keeper and I’ve been using it every single day since I discovered it. Yes, you guessed it – I am talking about heating your eyelash curler with you blow drier before curling your lashes. What you do is just take your blow drier and heat your curler for about 2 minutes. Be sure to test the temperature of the curler on your wrist otherwise you could burn yourself. After that, you just curl your lashes as usual and you should be left beautiful lashes that are not only really curly but also the curl will hold a lot longer. Heating your eyelash curler works the same as with your other hot tools – the heat helps the hair style better and it is much more effective than using unheated tool. I was a bit scared to try this at first as I thought I might burn myself but after trying it, I couldn’t believe how big of a difference this made and it was all fine! My lashes were much curlier and my eyes appeared a lot bigger and wider. <3

How To Properly Apply Foundation and Moisturizer

I am sure a lot of you know this already, but for those of you who don’t I think this tip might be rather helpful. So basically, there is a difference in the way we apply our foundation and our moisturizer. Recently, I’ve seen in lots of articles and videos that the right way to apply moisturizer is using upward strokes because it stimulates the circulation and also prevents from getting fine lines / wrinkles and saggy skin. Unlike the moisturizer though, the correct way to apply foundation is using downward motions. Most people have some minor, fine hair on our faces and by going up and down with our fingers or brush we only make it stick straight up and it becomes a lot more visible. So what we should do is blend our foundation with downward strokes and by doing that the hair will actually lay flat on our face and the peach fuzz will stay invisible. :)

Nail Polish in the Fridge

Don’t you just hate it when your favorite nail polish suddenly starts to dry with bubbles in it and your mani is ruined? I certainly do. Recently, I discovered that most of the time I have to blame that all on me because oftentimes I leave my polishes on places with higher temperature, next to my curling iron for example. The heat from the tool actually causes the formula of the polish go crazy and form bubbles. To fix that, just put your lacquer in the fridge and the cool temperature will make sure that next time it will dry smoothly. Another bonus of keeping your nail polishes in the fridge is that the coolness prologs their shelf life and makes them last a lot longer. You can guess where I keep my favorite nail lacquers now, can’t you?

So beauties, these are some of the beauty tips and tricks I’ve learned recently. I really hope you found this post useful and please let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in future, I’d love to share my finds with you! :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Lots of love,



  1. These were great tips, Andrea! Thanks for sharing.. Can't wait to try a few myself xx

  2. I can't remember where I saw it but I just read that about nail polish as well! I haven't tried it yet but it seems interesting enough to check out!

    sundays grace

  3. Great tips here some I never realised love the frozen spoon trick, I will need to try this out :) x
    GLAMGLOW + Macadamia Oil Giveaway

  4. Fab tips! I have heard of heating up eyelash curlers but I've been scared to try it incase I burn off my eyelashes, think I may have to give it a go :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Oh great tips, never thought about the nail polishes!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube p

  6. some great tips there.. most of them I knew from youtube vids etc. but never thought of putting nail varnish in the fridge xx

  7. Oh, adore the tips, so useful!! Would have never thought that applying something cold on your skin will tighten it but it totally makes sense! Loved the nail polish as well! Thank you so much my lovely, amazing post! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  8. Haha! Am I the only one that has never heard of any of those tips?! Some people are genius! x

  9. Adorei as dicas, sao ótimas

    Dá uma passadinha la

  10. I learned to not put concealer on my lower lash line since it accentuates the bags and stuff. Or dark circles. Dustin Hunter's concealer tips and tricks video can explain it better than I can.

  11. Really lovely tips, I have tried the spoon one before, and it works wonders. It also wakes you up in the morning, But that you for all the other tips though :)


  12. Love your tips, especially the nail polish one, I will have to do this in future! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  13. I've tried heating my eyelash curlers before. It made my lashes so much curlier. Then one day I nearly burnt my finger on it and, since that day, I've never heated them again haha. Thank goodness it burnt my finger and not my eye!

  14. Lovely tips and tricks! Thank you for sharing these with us :)
    I will definitely try to heat my eyelash curler next time and store all of my favourite polishes in the fridge!

    Bella /

  15. Do you actually leave your nail polish in the fridge, for as long as you want?! That's mad, I've heard it before but never tried it. Definitely going to have to try the spoon trick too. Thank you for sharing all of these great tips :)

    Leanne // Leanne Marie // Bloglovin'

  16. wow - some great tips there! I use the spoon trick, very handy!
    Kat x

  17. FULL of awesome tricks :)
    Great post.

  18. Some amazing tips there, have heard the teaspoon one before x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  19. I did not know that about nail polish! Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Have been using the 'tissue trick' without realising!! - I blot in the hope that it'll will diminish a 'too much' foundation look .. now I realise I've been doing myself more good than I realised! Great! :)

    Thanks for pointing this out!

    Nell at And Nell Writes

  21. Lovely tips!
    I'm definitely going to use heat my eye lash curler before using it next time.
    Thanks for all the amazing tips!

  22. Great tips, will definitely be trying the tissue trick :)

  23. Great tips!


  24. Great tips! I just learned the second to last one at the makeup artist school I recently attended. :)

  25. Fab post! I'll definitely be trying out the one where you blot foundation with tissue, it makes so much sense! xx

  26. Excellent tips, I didn't know about the nail polish one and now I definitely have to try it!
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  27. I love Wayne Goss - he is a legend! Super post, thank you x

    Vicky x

  28. Wayne is pure brilliance! I've been using that tissue tip for a few weeks now myself and I can't believe what a difference it makes. My skin is much less oily in general and I don't need to blot after a few hours like I used to, not even with the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, which looks lovely but presented me with the odd problem. Such a great tip!


  29. Great post! I definitely didn't know a majority of the tips listed above, and I always love learning new tips and tricks when it comes to applying makeup, etc :)

  30. Great tips! These are the methods that I'm going to try :)

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