Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Beauty Favorites / Part 1

2013 Beauty Favorites

2013 Beauty Favorites

2013 Beauty Favorites

2013 Beauty Favorites

2013 Beauty Favorites

Well hello my lovelies! 2014 is right around the corner, which I am super excited about and this could only mean one thing – it’s time for 2013 favorites extravaganza! This post has been a long time coming and I’ve been planning it for absolute ages! Here is the (not so) short and sweet overview of my top favorite products, which I’ve been wearing non stop for this past year. Be it primers, foundations, lipsticks or mascaras – I’ve got you covered! Every single one of these gems managed to steal my heart and has made me love makeup and beauty even more! So grab a cup of tea and dive with me into my most-loved beauty bits!

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer

Starting off with the base, the first product I’ve been loving has been this Too Faced Face Primer (review here). This one, along with Benefit POREfessional are my trusty helpers when it comes to prolonging the wear time of my foundation and making my pores invisible. I love them both and they are pretty similar, but for some reason the Too Faced version is more appealing to me. It controls the oils, creates a lovely silky smooth base for my foundation and helps it stay on through the whole day. It feels really lightweight and it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores. Brilliant, brilliant product!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Now this one was a hard one. I currently have three foundations which I adore and they are all so different so it was hard for me to pick just one. But I did it and the lucky winner is the infamous Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. I’ve been loving this for as long as I can remember and I’ve gone through multiple bottles of it. It is an amazing lightweight foundation, which just feels (and looks) like a second layer of perfect skin. It has about medium coverage and it adds such beautiful glow and dewiness to the face it’s incredible! It wears for hours and hours and I just can’t imagine being left without it in my makeup bag, it’s that good.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I don’t think I have ever talked about the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer on my blog, which is super bizarre as it is actually my favorite everyday concealer and I swear by it! This is my fourth tube and I will keep repurchasing it forever haha. This little guy is my favorite two-in-one concealer. It covers my under eye circles like there is no tomorrow, it doesn’t crease and stays put for the whole day. Surprisingly, it does an amazing job at covering any blemishes / scares I might be having as well. Even though it’s supposed to be a ‘brightening’ concealer, it doesn’t accentuate or illuminate the imperfections, which is pretty cool. This gem is cheep and cheerful, gets the job done and I really recommend it.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Powder

Hands down, the best translucent powder I have ever tried! I am absolutely obsessed with it and it’s my baby! The TooFaced Primed & Poreless powder (review here) does a brilliant job at setting my makeup into place but most importantly – it literally erases any track of pores or fine lines and it makes my face look so even and smooth. The powder itself is really fine and it feels really light; it doesn’t give you the nasty ‘powdery’ effect, which many powders do, which is fab. So kiss goodbye the cakey makeup look and welcome your new radiant and alive-looking skin! <3

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Milk Chocolate

Who doesn’t love the gorgeous sun-kissed glow we get when we’re on summer holiday? I sure do, but sadly I cannot be out in the sun during the whole year so I need to try and fake the desired look at home. The bronzer that really stood out to me the most during 2013 is undoubtedly Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil (review & swatches here). Contouring or just adding overall bronzed glow to the skin – this beaut has everything for your needs! It has the perfect blend of warm and cool tones in it, so it doesn’t look muddy or orange on the skin. The shade I got is pretty light which is a massive bonus for all follow fair girls out there and I adore the natural color is gives. The formula is also lovely and the bronzer is not chalky and stays on for ages. If that’s not enough to convince you that you have to try – let me tell you that Chocolate Soleil smells like yummy cocoa heaven as well! :)

Soap & Glory Glow All Out Illuminating Powder

I think I’ve raved about this enough recently so I will just let you read my full review (here) but I just wanted to point out one more time that Glow All Out is the most amazing highlighter / illuminating powder I have ever stumble upon. It adds gorgeous light and dewiness to the face without making you look like a glitter ball and it is actually pretty natural on. It’s love, that’s for sure.

Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush

Probably my favorite discovery of the year – Dior Rosy Glow (review and swatches here) has stolen my heart and there is no going back! This beautiful universal shade is so unique and different than anything else I have ever tried. The formula is absolutely amazing because the blush is designed to adapt to everyone’s skin tone and to enhance its natural color. So don’t be put off by the crazy looking hot pink shade you see in the pan – on the face is a whole another story! Rosy Glow has also really soft and silky texture and feels so luxurious on the skin. Beautiful blush, amazing formula – I must be in love! :)

Urban Decay the Basics Palette

Eye shadows.. How on Earth can I pick just one?! Well I can’t, so I decided to choose a palette. The battle was between this one and the original Naked but I realized that I’ve been using the Basics every single day for the past months. It is my ideal natural eye shadow palette and I have everything I need to achieve the perfect everyday look AND to fill in my eyebrows. The shades of the palette are lovely as most of them are matte and Crave is great for using as eyeliner. I love using NAKED 2 for my eyebrows, as it’s the exact same cool-toned light taupe brown as they are and it looks really natural. The other shades are also perfect and I love playing around with them and create different looks. They may look a bit off and boring to you but I always manage to come with ideas on how to make them more unique. Needless to say, the formula of all colors is spot on and they are all crazy pigmented and buttery! <3

Too Faced LASHgasm Mascara

Ladies and Gentlemen prepare for the best mascara my lashes have seen! Volume, length, massive separation and beautiful curl – yes LASHgasm does it all in one coat! Words cannot express how much I adore this mascara but you can see how my lashes look when I’m using it here. I can’t fault this baby and the fact that it never clumps or smudges is just mind blowing!

MAC Rebel Lipstick

Final rave for Rebel this year, I promise! I just had to include it in here – it’s my favorite lipstick. Ever. The stunning deep fuchsia berry shade is absolutely beautiful and every time I wear Rebel I get tons of compliment, which tells me something. Rebel is dark, it’s bold but above all – it’s unique. I have never seen a shade that gets any closer to it. I love the way it compliments my skin tone and makes my teeth appear whiter. The formula is also good and even though it’s a bit drying on my super dry lips, I make it work for me ideally. You can see my full review and swatches on Rebel here. <3

So beauties, these have been the beauty products I’ve been reaching out the most this past year. I hope you enjoyed this post and have found some new exciting bits to add to your 2014 wish list. :) If you want too see some of my skincare, hair care and nail polish loves keep your eyes peeled as Part 2 of my 2013 favorites is coming your way very soon! I cannot wait to see what new beauty discoveries has in stock for me but for now I just want to say - have a fantastic NYE and may 2014 be the year to make all our dreams come true! <3

Have you tried any of these products before? Which are some of your top favorite beauty bits for 2013?


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Amazing Advertisers / December

Hello my lovelies! How are you, any special plans for the weekend? I am planning on organizing my new Filofax my boyfriend gave me and getting it ready for the new year; I get so easily excited by things like that. Give me stationary and I will love you forever haha! At the evening I am going to a sushi dinner party with some friends and can’t wait to try some of the new beauty bits I got for Christmas :) Anyway, today I thought I’d do my Amazing Advertisers post, which I am really excited about because all of these girls are so sweet and lovely and have fabulous blogs. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the company of the ladies that have been beatifying my sidebar for the past month. Starting off with my Exclusive Advertiser, the lovely Marie-Louise who blogs over at

Hi, I'm Marie-Louise from a little blog called mlhauken, where I write about all things beauty with a little bit of lifestyle and fashion thrown into the mix. I love everything beauty related and I love writing/sharing my experiences with makeup and skin care, which I begun to really enjoy after starting bloggin. I really hope you'll check out my blog and if you like what you see don't forget to follow. I'm also a twitter, Instagram and everything social media related lover so you'll find me chatting away on there too! 

Hi Rosy Chicc readers! I'm Ĺ˝iva, the girl with a nearly-impossible-to-pronounce name from Slovenia. I write Nothin' Fancy. Really., a blog that has become much more than a place to put swatches of my nail polishes over the years. Now it's filled to the brim with exciting DIY projects, beauty reviews, books, interior decorating ideas and much more. 

At 22 years old, I am so so proud to also be a part of our Slovenian Cosmopolitan team and mostly about my blog, which is my favourite hobby. If I could, I would spend all day writing and taking photos (and I do often, ooopsa-daisy). I am so so thankful to the lovely Andrea, the girl behind our favourite beauty blog for featuring me! She is a huge inspiration to me and to be able to advertise on her blog & meet her lovely readers is a treat. If you'd like, please check out my blog - no pressure, but ehmahgerd it would make me so happy - and remember to check back if you leave a question, I reply to all comments! Look forward to hearing your thoughts my loves.

Hi everyone! My name is Polina and I am owner of SummerCaffe Blog.
I am Russian-speaking girl living in Italy. But I decided to open an English blog dedicated to everything that I love: Beauty, Fashion, YouTube, Travelling, Photos and My Life. I started my blog because I like to be connected with people in general. I am glad that I became friends with another bloggers and I enjoy making different posts, photos and giveaways for my dear followers. I would like to invite you in my SummerCaffe and I hope that you will find my blog bright and sunny. And thank you Andrea for the possibility to share my blog with your lovely followers. Kiss from Italy.

Well aren’t these ladies a great bunch?! Definitely be sure to check all of their fab blogs out if you haven’t already and I hope you’ve discovered some new favorites to add to your reading list! :) If you want to advertise with my blog as well, you can do so here. Have a great day loves and I’m now off to plan my New Years Eve outfit because as per usual – I am really behind! 

Which blogs have you been loving this past month?


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer / Review and Swatches

Soap & Glory Solar Powder

Soap and Glory Soar Powder

Soap and Glory Soar Powder

Soap and Glory Soar Powder

Soap and Glory Soar Powder

Soap and Glory Soar Powder

Soap and Glory Soar Powder Swatches

Hello my lovelies and Merry Christmas! <3 I really hope you are all having a wonderful time with your loved ones! I had the best two days filled with lots of smiles and magical moments. Santa’s also been pretty generous and managed to get me quite a few beauty and skincare bits, which I can’t wait to share with you :) As of today though, I thought I’d show you my new favorite bronzing powder by Soap & Glory and it’s their Solar Powder (£11). I know a lot of you fellow pale girls would hear me on that one as we all know how lifeless and dull our skin could look during this time of the year when our sun kissed glow is just a happy memory. And yes, I do need to fake this beautiful healthy look by adding some makeup… I don’t feel complete otherwise haha.

With that said, my partner in crime has recently been Solar Powder. Even though I am rather loyal to my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (review here), I have to admit – this blew me away! Solar Powder comes in one, universal shade but has two brownish bronze-y colors in it – a darker, more of a true bronzer shade and one that’s more nude-y and has some fine shimmery golden particles in it. I love this concept as you can mix both colors together for an overall glow or use the darker one for contour and the lighter one for subtle hint of color. When I first got Solar Powder, it had some pink-y highlighter on top (as you can see from the pics above) but it took exactly two swirls of the brush and it was gone, which l honestly prefer. Also, none of the two colors look orange or muddy on me and the shades are ideal for my pale skin.

The formula of this gem is spot on as well. The powder is not chalky at all and it feels very buttery and creamy. Solar Powder is also really pigmented and you need the lightest dab of the brush to get the color you desire. It applies very smoothly and blends effortlessly into the skin. Also, I find that Solar Powder has a lovely staying power and it wears on me for good 8-10 hours, which is great, considering that bronzer and blush are usually the first things to disappear on me.

What else can I say? Solar Powder is absolutely brilliant and I can’t think of anything bad to say about it really. It is my perfect winter bronzer and I love how the tiny shimmery bits add such luminous and beautiful glow to my face. I adore the healthy look this two-toned bronzer gives. It is also amazing for contouring and it makes the sculpting so easy and faff-free! I am in love, completely!

Have you tried Solar Powder before? Which is your favorite bronzer for the winter time?

Lots of love, 

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Favorite Golden Eye Shadows

My Favorite golden eye shadows

rimmel scandaleyes shadow stick in bulletproof beige

naked half baked eye shadow

too faced magic mushroom eye shadow

mac wood winked eye shadow

favorite golden eye shadows
L-R: Candlelight, Bulletproof Beige, Half Baked, Magic Mushroom, Woodwinked
When it comes to Christmas makeup I keep it pretty traditional– I pop some golden eye shadow on, a red lip, some sparkly red nail polish and I am good to go. Rather easy to do and very festive and classy at the same time – I love it! While I was planning my outfit and makeup for Christmas, I managed to narrow down my choices to four golden eye shadows I adore. I thought it might be a good idea to share them with you and hopefully you could help me choose between all these beautiful shades, so please let me know which one you like the best. :)

Before jumping into the reviews, I wanted to share with you my secret of getting the stunning ‘vibrant golden eye shadow look’. We all have to thank Too Faced for creating their Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer in Candlelight. This gem not only prevents my shadows from creasing and fading throughout the day but it also makes the color more vivid and rich, thanks to its gorgeous glowing shimmery golden color. This luminous beauty is my usual partner in crime when I wear shimmery eye shadows and nothing can compete with it really. Okay, enough about that, let’s talk about the first shadow that’s been pretty much glued to my eyelids recently – Rimmel ScandaleyesShadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige. This lovely frosty champaigne-y golden shade with slight shimmer running through is my ideal ‘swipe and go’ product at the moment. It glides on like charm and the color adds light and brightens up the look beautifully. As I have green eyes this baby brings out the color quite a lot, which is something I always love. I really like it but have in mind that you have to sharpen the stick (I hate that it’s not a twist-up) and you may want to prime before applying as it does crease on me a bit. Apart from that, brilliant product which is cheep and cheerful and the color is to absolutely die for.   

Probably one of my favorite golden shades of the bunch comes from the infamous Urban Decay NAKED Palette. Yes, I am looking at you Half Baked, you stunner! Half Baked is the shade I’d describe as a ‘true gold’. It is how I’d imagine my perfect golden eye shadow – light coppery brownish color with intense golden shimmer in it. Absolutely beautiful! Needless to say, the color is not the only thing I adore about this gem – the formula is brilliant as well. The shadow is really buttery and creamy and it applies so effortlessly. I’ve almost never experienced fallouts or creasing and I don’t have anything bad to say about Half Baked. I think I’m leaning most towards it for Christmas, but we’ll see :)

Next up we have Too Faced Magic Mushroom eye shadow (review and swatches here), which is a firm favorite of mine. It is not your typical ‘golden shadow’ choice as it’s more of a true light rose gold and it’s great if you fancy less gold and just more sheen. This is the perfect daytime shade if you ask me as it’s pretty settle but at the same time catches the light and emphasizes the look and the eyes so nicely. The formula I also cannot fault at all. Magic Mushroom is amazingly soft and buttery, the color pay-off is incredible and the staying powder is rather impressive as well. I think this beauty is my obvious choice for Christmas Day so let’s see our last option for the evening, shall we? :)

Last but certainly not least is MAC Woodwinked (review and swatches here). Beauty bloggers’ cult product and for a good reason! Woodwinked is the darkest shade of the bunch and it is this lovely brown with strong golden sheen running through it. This gem warms up the entire look and adds beautiful softness and elegance to it. It makes my green eyes pop and it is such a unique and sophisticated shade that is unreal. Speaking of MAC eye shadows, the formula quality is expectedly brilliant. Woodwinked is buttery and creamy, it’s super pigmented, doesn’t cease and stays put for the entire day! It’s love.

Clearly, now I’m in a massive predicament at this point – so many fab golden shades & only two eyelids (preferably matching to make the choice even harder haha). Please let me know which one of the above shades is you favorite and you think I should go for for Christmas. As for me, I am now off to try and decide which nail polish and lipstick to rock during the holiday! :) Have a fantastic and happy Christmas everyone! <3

Have you tried any of these shades before? Which one do you like best and think I should wear on Christmas?

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