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Delicious Homemade Christmas Cookies Recipe

Homemade Christmas Cookies Recipe

Christmas Cookies cutters

Homemade Christmas Cookies Ingredients

Homemade Christmas Cookies Recipe

Homemade Christmas Cookies Recipe

Homemade Christmas Cookies Recipe

Homemade Christmas Cookies Recipe

Homemade Christmas Cookies

Homemade Christmas Cookies Recipe

Homemade Christmas Cookies

Hello cupcakes! If you follow me on Twitter, then you are probably aware that I am in an amazing festive spirit right now. I can’t stop listening to Christmas songs, having spiced drinks and watching Christmas movies (Home Alone anyone?). When you think about it though, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the traditional homemade yummy cookies, would it? I don’t think so! With that being said, on Saturday I gathered with my parents and my boyfriend and we all had some good couple of hours baking. I asked you guys of Twitter if you’d be interested in me blogging the process and a lot of you said yes so here we are now! :) The following recipe is my all time favorite and we’ve been making these delicious goodies for as long as I can remember, so if you still haven’t decided on a recipe I highly recommend making these. They are pretty amazing and not that hard to make. I hope you enjoy! :)


500g. honey
125g. butter
2 eggs
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 freshly ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 teaspoon instant coffee
1/4 teaspoon ground anise
1/4 teaspoon ground clove
1 baking powder
125g. finely ground walnut
125g. finely ground raw almonds
The zest of 1 lemon
The zest of 1 orange
Approximately 1kg. flour


In a double boiler melt the honey and the butter. Leave the mixture cool down a bit. Then add the eggs and stir well. When you have homogenous mixture, add all spices and stir again. After that, add the grounded nuts and the two zests. Stir until everything is evenly distributed. Now, in a separate bowl mix the flour with the baking powder. Then start slowly adding them into the first bowl while making sure you stir everything as well as possible.

Keep adding flour until the dough becomes slightly tacky (not sticky!) and is shiny and smooth. This usually takes up about 1kg. flour but it could be a bit more or less. Now that the dough is ready, let it chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Then, roll it out on floured surface 0,5 cm thick. Preheat the oven to 180 C. Take your favorite Christmas cutters and cut start shaping. Then place the cookies over ungreased baking sheet and tuck them into the oven. Bake for about 3-5 minutes. Then take them out and let them cool down for about 10 minutes before you remove them from the sheet. Voila – now your cookies are ready! :) Have in mind that as they are honey-based they could be easily consumed up to four month after making. Also, you can decorate / paint them as you’d like but make sure it is at least a week after you’ve baked them. Actually, this is what I’m going to be doing this weekend - this is my favorite part and I’m excited eek! <3

So lovelies, I really hope you enjoyed this post and please make sure to tweet me, letting me know if you end up baking the cookies. I promise you though – you won’t regret taking the time to do them, they are basically like a Christmas party in your mouth – YUM! Ahh after writing this deliciousness, I just need to go get me some cookies haha! Have a lovely day everyone! Oh, and btw – we have exactly two weeks left until Christmas Eve! Whoop! <3

Which is your favorite Christmas Cookie recipe?



  1. These sound amazing!! I love they have honey in them, but they wouldn't last anywhere near 4 months in my house lol x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. I bet they smell totally amazing when they are cooking as well x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


  4. Здравей, тагнах те в един есенен таг, ако ти се прави :))
    Ще се радвам да прочета отговорите ти.

  5. Oh this is so adorable, I so want to make these cookies!! ♥ They look fantastic and I bet they taste the same! ^^ Thank you for sharing lovely!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  6. It must be very tasty! I'd love to cook it! Thanks for recipe-)))


  7. Nothing better than home made cookies. Yours look so delicious.

  8. My mouth is watering just looking at those pictures! They looks soo yummy! x


  9. These are so cute, i always cook gingerbread men for Christmas.


  10. yum yum !! looks so yummy :) xx


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