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My Favorite Golden Eye Shadows

My Favorite golden eye shadows

rimmel scandaleyes shadow stick in bulletproof beige

naked half baked eye shadow

too faced magic mushroom eye shadow

mac wood winked eye shadow

favorite golden eye shadows
L-R: Candlelight, Bulletproof Beige, Half Baked, Magic Mushroom, Woodwinked
When it comes to Christmas makeup I keep it pretty traditional– I pop some golden eye shadow on, a red lip, some sparkly red nail polish and I am good to go. Rather easy to do and very festive and classy at the same time – I love it! While I was planning my outfit and makeup for Christmas, I managed to narrow down my choices to four golden eye shadows I adore. I thought it might be a good idea to share them with you and hopefully you could help me choose between all these beautiful shades, so please let me know which one you like the best. :)

Before jumping into the reviews, I wanted to share with you my secret of getting the stunning ‘vibrant golden eye shadow look’. We all have to thank Too Faced for creating their Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer in Candlelight. This gem not only prevents my shadows from creasing and fading throughout the day but it also makes the color more vivid and rich, thanks to its gorgeous glowing shimmery golden color. This luminous beauty is my usual partner in crime when I wear shimmery eye shadows and nothing can compete with it really. Okay, enough about that, let’s talk about the first shadow that’s been pretty much glued to my eyelids recently – Rimmel ScandaleyesShadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige. This lovely frosty champaigne-y golden shade with slight shimmer running through is my ideal ‘swipe and go’ product at the moment. It glides on like charm and the color adds light and brightens up the look beautifully. As I have green eyes this baby brings out the color quite a lot, which is something I always love. I really like it but have in mind that you have to sharpen the stick (I hate that it’s not a twist-up) and you may want to prime before applying as it does crease on me a bit. Apart from that, brilliant product which is cheep and cheerful and the color is to absolutely die for.   

Probably one of my favorite golden shades of the bunch comes from the infamous Urban Decay NAKED Palette. Yes, I am looking at you Half Baked, you stunner! Half Baked is the shade I’d describe as a ‘true gold’. It is how I’d imagine my perfect golden eye shadow – light coppery brownish color with intense golden shimmer in it. Absolutely beautiful! Needless to say, the color is not the only thing I adore about this gem – the formula is brilliant as well. The shadow is really buttery and creamy and it applies so effortlessly. I’ve almost never experienced fallouts or creasing and I don’t have anything bad to say about Half Baked. I think I’m leaning most towards it for Christmas, but we’ll see :)

Next up we have Too Faced Magic Mushroom eye shadow (review and swatches here), which is a firm favorite of mine. It is not your typical ‘golden shadow’ choice as it’s more of a true light rose gold and it’s great if you fancy less gold and just more sheen. This is the perfect daytime shade if you ask me as it’s pretty settle but at the same time catches the light and emphasizes the look and the eyes so nicely. The formula I also cannot fault at all. Magic Mushroom is amazingly soft and buttery, the color pay-off is incredible and the staying powder is rather impressive as well. I think this beauty is my obvious choice for Christmas Day so let’s see our last option for the evening, shall we? :)

Last but certainly not least is MAC Woodwinked (review and swatches here). Beauty bloggers’ cult product and for a good reason! Woodwinked is the darkest shade of the bunch and it is this lovely brown with strong golden sheen running through it. This gem warms up the entire look and adds beautiful softness and elegance to it. It makes my green eyes pop and it is such a unique and sophisticated shade that is unreal. Speaking of MAC eye shadows, the formula quality is expectedly brilliant. Woodwinked is buttery and creamy, it’s super pigmented, doesn’t cease and stays put for the entire day! It’s love.

Clearly, now I’m in a massive predicament at this point – so many fab golden shades & only two eyelids (preferably matching to make the choice even harder haha). Please let me know which one of the above shades is you favorite and you think I should go for for Christmas. As for me, I am now off to try and decide which nail polish and lipstick to rock during the holiday! :) Have a fantastic and happy Christmas everyone! <3

Have you tried any of these shades before? Which one do you like best and think I should wear on Christmas?



  1. I need this palette so badly, it's incredible haha.

    Joana x
    When You Dream Big

  2. I adore half baked definitly a fav of mine and woodwinked, so pretty,
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  3. Ooh woodwinked is so pretty, infact I love all of these shades, they are so pretty x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. These are all such pretty shades! I definitely need to get myself woodwinked, i love it! :) xx

  5. I am obsessed with mac woodwinked! half baked is lovely too!

  6. Woodwinked is my absolute favourite. It's been my go to eyeshadow for the last couple of weeks :)

    Blu Button Box

  7. Magic Mushroom looks abslutly stunning! Ive been using my 1st Naked palette so much lately I think it's the Naked 3 effect haha

  8. Love the scandeleyes crayon in bulletproof beige! You should check out no.7's eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf it's my all time favourite light gold/champagne colour! Can never have too many :)

  9. You've made me seriously want to get MAC Woodwinked now! Wahh!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  10. These are all so gorgeous and Christmassy!

    Katie |

  11. The NAKED palette has such gorgeous eyeshadows in it for the party season but I definitely like the look of the others too!
    alicekatex ♥

  12. Love the look of wood winked, it is such a gorgeous colour! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  13. I love half baked! I need Wood Winked in my life. :)

  14. The only color I have out of these is Urban Decay's Half Baked, I love the Naked Palette and am hoping to get the Naked 3 palette soon. I do have quite a few gold shadows and Half Baked is very pretty. It is a very pigmented shade, even without a primer. You can just swipe it on as is, it's very beautiful on it's own or you can doll it up with some other shades in the outer corner of your eye and crease. All of the gold colors seem so pretty so whichever you choose will be a hit but I am leaning towards Half Baked. :)

  15. So excited because I just got Woodwinked x

  16. Lovely colors! I'd never even heard of Too Faced Candelight primer before! It's usually the Magic Potion one you hear of a lot (or whatever that name is..)!
    I own Half Baked and Woodwinked and I agree they are very stunning colors.
    I really like Half Baked so I would suggest that you incorporate that in your Christmas look! :)

  17. these shadows definitely look stunning! I adore shimmery goldens on my eyes as it really brings out my baby blue eye color :)

    Eve x |

  18. half baked and woodwinked are beautiful aren't they?! :)

    have a wonderful christmas! Lora xxx

    lora loves..

  19. I feel like I finally should get the Naked palette! Such stunning shades! :D

    Valérie //

  20. I love the MAC woodwinked !!! Have a Happy Holidays dear :) xx

  21. I love Mac Woodwinked, it's so popular for a good reason. I really want to try the Naked Pallet they have so many good shades. I love Sleek, they have some great golden shades in their pallets which are worth giving a go.

    Happy Christmas!

  22. Great review! Thanks for sharing:)

  23. I love wearing Golden eye shadows! The make any look that much more glamorous! Merry Christmas hun! xx

  24. I love Half-Baked, it's a beautiful gold shadow!

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