Sunday, 2 March 2014

Monthly Roundup / February

Hello beauties and welcome to March! Another month has just passed and I already feel like this year is going way too fast! For me February was such a blast and I am kind of sad it is now over. Blogging wise, I achieved things that I had been wanting for such a long time; I hit 3000 followers and worked with some of my all time favorite beauty brands! Isn’t it funny how everything, good or bad, always seems to be happening all at once and leave us absolutely besotted? Having said that, I really wanted to thank you all so much for the amazing support and for your great feedback, this truly puts the biggest smile on my face every day! Now that March is here, I am actually really excited for the upcoming spring and all amazing things that come with it – the warmer weather, the pastel clothes, the bright lips & nails and all that shebang. I hope we all have a wonderful month, but for now I will leave you to my Monthly Roundup and some of my favorite posts during February! :)

Lots of love,


  1. Congrats on hitting 3000bloglovin followers.

  2. congratulations on everything you achieved this past month! lovely posts as always, love your pictures! keep up the great work :)

    Eve x | ChantellEve

  3. I've really loved your posts this month, even though I always love your posts! haah.

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  4. You have made some lovely posts this month. Congratulations on all of your achievements!
    Your photography is always stunning, and I love reading your posts.
    I also can't wait for the warmer months and pastel shades, bring on spring!


  5. Hey Andrea!
    Love all the pictures...they are just perfect!
    Let's talk about everything

  6. Great roundup and congrats on all your blogging success :)

    xo, alison*elle

  7. congratulations hun!

  8. congrats on reaching 3K followers :) I love the color of the Revlon Lip Butter! and the Hello Kitty sleeping mask is super cute awwh ~


  9. Congrats on hitting 3k! Also those Valentine's nails are the cutest x

  10. Great job! Your blog is amazing and you deserve every single follower and many more! :) x /

  11. The sleep mask is so frigin' pretty! Yay 3K. You rock! =] xx.

  12. I love the Valentine's Day nails! Sooo pretty! :D

    Valérie |

  13. You seriously have the prettiest photos! I'm not sure if you've written this in the past, but if not, can you possibly share us your lighting and camera tips? I'm quite horrible at it, and I would really like to improve my blog quality :)

    lots of love

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