Thursday, 29 May 2014

Monthly Favorites / May

beauty favorites, MAC Vanilla, Barry M Gelly Green Berry, Too faced Chocolate Soleil, Loreal True Match

Loreal True Match Foundation

Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer

Revlon Colorburst Crayon Matte Balm in Shameless

MAC Vanilla eye shadow

For once I will upload my Monthly Favorites post on time. That has to be a first and there is one proud blogger right here *waving* haha! That’s probably because May was a total blast on the beauty field and I barely contained my excitement for this post. I’ve found some brilliant beauty bits that left me completely smitten. Foundation and bronzer for flawless face, stunning purple lippy and beaut eye shadow to make my eyes pop and gorgeous turquoise nail polish to make me dream about summer vacation. Dream team.

Finding a new favorite foundation doesn’t happen very often but when it does it usually deserves to be banged about a lot. Meet the new love of my beauty loving heart – the incredible L’Oreal True Match foundation (here). This supposed-to-be drugstore version of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk ticks all the boxes and left me completely smitten. It offers beautiful medium-full coverage, which covers all imperfections and leaves my complexion look flawless. True Match blends so seamlessly into the skin for an oh-so-natural look, which I adore. It wears for hours and hours and the gorgeous semi-matte, yet dewy finish is to die for. Love. It.

Gorgeous non-orange bronzer, which smells of cocoa? Yes please! I confessed my love for the incredible Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (here) last summer and this year it is back on. It’s the best bronzer for pale gals I’ve found and I swear by it! It’s matte, which makes it perfect both for contouring and for dusting all over the face and I adore that it’s not muddy or orange. The pigmentation of Chocolate Soleil is spot on and it applies like breeze. The bronzer feels almost hydrating and doesn’t look powdery or cake-y as well. And if you are a chocolate lover – the divine scent will capture your heart in no time. Full review here.

I’ve been into the whole ‘make your eyes pop’ thing this past month and to help me with that I dug out my first ever MAC product – the Vanilla eye shadow (here). This muted white with very subtle sheen is the perfect brow bone highlighter but I cheated a bit and have been using it all over the lid instead. It adds such beautiful light into the look and I love how it illuminates my eye area. The shadow could also be used as base color and the pigmentation is pretty decent and is not chalky. Score.

The most exciting product discovery for the month of May has been this absolutely gorgeous Revlon Colorboost Crayon Matte Balm in Shameless (here). It’s the most unique deep purple lippy I’ve found and I am obsessed with it. I know that I should probably be rocking more vibrant and brighter colors this time of the year but I couldn't help it – it’s just too beautiful. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I adore intense shades like this. Plus purple lips and green eyes is quite the combo, don’t you think? The formula is far from ideal as it does cling to dry patches and fine lines but after a good scrub and under lip balm it’s all good. Review is coming your way veeeery soon.

For the majority of May I have been sporting Essie Mezmerised on my nails but since I raved about it enough here, I thought I’d talk about number two in my May most-loved-lacquers list. The ever so gorgeous Barry M Gelly in Greenberry (review here) has been keeping me a great company and I fell in love with it all over again. It is this beautiful turquoise polish with perfect blend of green and blue, which reminds me of nothing but summer and beaches. Greenberry is bright and bold and the faff-free formula allows easy application and days of wear without chipping. Get involved!

Have you tried any of these products before? Which is the one product that you have been loving during May?

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Amazing Advertisers / May

Looking forward to discovering new blogs to add to your blogroll? Look no further – these two beauties have absolutely lovely blogs filled with interesting and diverse posts and have become personal favorites of mine. Rachael and Alex are also incredibly nice and sweet and I am sure you will love their company as much as I do! Enjoy! :)

Hi everyone! My name is Rachael and I blog over at OverdoseDeMaquillage, which serves as my little outlet for all things beauty related. I am a make-up obsessed girl from Ireland, who has a huge passion for writing, photography, coffee and chocolate, and I’m also partial to the odd shopping spree (or two). I started writing my blog at the end of July last year, and I’ve fallen in love with it so much since that I couldn’t imagine not having my own little corner of the internet now! On my blog you will find a variety of beauty related posts including make-up and skincare reviews, make-up looks, beauty tips and tricks, hauls, and current beauty favorites  If you enjoy reading about make-up as much as I do, then pop on over to my blog – I’d be delighted to have you!

Lots of love, Rachael

Hey guys! My name is Alex and I have a blog named "Prettythoughtsx" (here). I currently work as a Retail Apprentice at Next and hope to go into Visual Merchandising! I've not been blogging for very long, only a few months but I really do love it. It's mainly Beauty and Fashion related - however I do the odd post on fun things I do aka travelling! Come say Hi sometime :-)

I really hope that you’ve discovered two new favorite reads and if you also fancy Advertising with me and my blog you can do so right away here.

P.S Don’t forget to check the lovely Batty and her amazing botanical skincare shop here!

Lots of love,

Monday, 26 May 2014

How To Minimize Those Pores

how to minimize pores, too faced primed and pore less, benefit the porefessional, la roche-posy effacar duo, clarins Blue orchid face oil,

how to minimize pores, Clarins Blue orchid face oil,La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

how to minimize pores, too faced primed and pore less, benefit the porefessional,

Large pores aren’t cute and as someone who has been trying to conceal them all my life, I should know. They’ve always been a huge concern of mine, but not anymore – I’ve found some brilliant beauty bits to help minimize their appearance. If you fancy making your pores no-where-to-be-seen, I definitely recommend starting off from your skincare routine and not purely relaying on makeup. My partner in crime when it comes to shrinking those bad boys is definitely the Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Face Oil (here). Three drops of this gem, applied all over my face and neck in the evening twice a week are more than enough to keep my pores nice and tiny. The oil hydrates the deeper layers of the skin like there is no tomorrow and makes the skin so soft and smooth as well. It also helps even out the skin tone and battles acne scars. Miracle in a bottle.

For some under-the-makeup skincare action I always opt for my trusty La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo corrective cream (here). I swear by this when it comes to keeping my skin clean and acne-free but I find that it definitely kills two birds in one stone, as it not only purifies my pores but also makes them less visible. It shrinks them really nicely and I can see instant results, which is always good. The cream wears really well under foundation so it is the perfect prepping step. Effaclar Duo (or Duo +) also reduces the appearance of imperfections and calms down the skin. There were times when this completely saved my skin, so it holds a very special place in my heart but if you need something to help with large pores - look this way.

Now when it comes to minimizing your pores with makeup I have two things to say – choose the right primer and the right powder. These two in conjunction could camouflage the largest of pores in no time. For primer, the two I adore are the Benefit POREfessional (here) and Too Faced Primed & Poreless (here). These are hands down the best face primers I’ve found and no matter which one you go for you wouldn’t be disappointed. They are very similar and virtually do exactly the same thing – minimize the appearance of pores and create the perfect foundation base. These two literally make my pores (and fine lines) disappear and make my skin so smooth and soft as well. Lovely.

Last but not least, the product that completely owns my heart on the pore-fighting field is the incredible Too Faced Primed & Poreless Powder (here). This beauty could be used both as primer and powder, which as weird as it sounds really does work. Pop this double-duty gem underneath your foundation and it will create an even and soft canvas with pores nowhere in sight. Since this could be a bit drying for me (if you have oilier skin it would work wonders), I tend to sweep the powder all over my foundation and the results are fantastic! No pores, no fine lines, no powdery cake-y face – excellent! Full review here.

Have you tried any of these products before? Any of them taking your fancy?

Lots of love,

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Tale for Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso Swatches

Do you have that one beauty product that everyone is obsessing over but you can’t get your mitts on because it’s not available in your country or because of some similar stupid reason? Yes? And that of course makes you want it even more, doesn’t it? Well for me that product was the oh-so-famous Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso (here). I don’t think there’s more hyped up product in the beauty world and I had been drooling over it for years. Needless to say that I literally died when Antoinette (check out her blog here) surprised me with this beauty last month! It took me less then a second to completely fall in love with it and all its glory. Luminoso is a gorgeous peach with golden shimmer running through it – absolute love. It gives the most beautiful healthy glow to my cheeks and I love how it instantly perks up my skin.

Luminoso is really finely milled and blends so seamlessly, making your skin look so natural, yet luminous. There is no glitter in sight; the blush just brightens up and adds light and subtle sheen to the cheeks, which I adore. Luminoso is one of those ‘suit-everyone’ shades and I think you can’t really go wrong with it. For all us fair-skinned gals out there though – this gem is an absolute winner, as it doesn’t lean orange and just worms up the complexion beautifully. Luminoso is extremely pigmented and one swipe of the brush is all I need to get a full-blown color. This beauty hangs around for hours and hours as well. Brilliant.

Luminoso has risen well above and beyond my expectations and it seems to be having everything on my blush checklist sorted. It gives the prettiest pop of color to my cheeks, it brightens up my complexion beautifully and the incredible, breezy formula makes it such a pleasure to use. It’s feminine, it’s perfect for everyday makeup look and I cannot get enough of it!

Have you tried Luminoso before? Do you think it deserves the hype? Which is your favorite Milani Baked Blush?

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer / Review

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer Swatches

I never knew that a concealer could kick ass but I guess in today’s beauty world anything is possible haha. Cheesy jokes aside but as a massive concealer lover, I must say – Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer (here) rocks. End of. This two-in-one concealer and setting powder duo helps you achieve the perfect flawless complexion and the results are mind-blowing. The concept of Kick Ass is brilliant – you get one concealer for the under eye area, one to put on those not-so-perfect areas of your face and finally a powder to set everything in place. Pop some of the salmon-y color to counteract the dark circles, dot some of the beige-y shade all over blemishes or discoloration and finally using a fluffy brush sweep the translucent powder on top and you are done. Hello perfect-looking skin!

The Kick Ass Concealer comes in two shades – Light and Medium. The one I have is the lighter offering and I find that it works wonders on my pale skin. What I love about this little pot of perfection is that it comes in two shades. Different problem areas require different undertones of concealer, so having two options is always good. I sometimes mix and match the shades to create the perfect finish but for the most part I use the pink-y color under my eyes and the beige (love the yellow undertones – they are perfect for counteracting the inflamed, pesky blemishes) on my face. Both concealers have rather emollient, creamy formulas, which feel incredibly moisturizing on the skin. The face one is a bit thicker in consistency but they both blend beautifully into the skin. Since they are quite emollient, I am not sure how Kick Ass would work on people with oily skin; it might be too greasy, I am afraid. For people with dry/normal skin though, this gem is godsend as it hydrates and doesn’t cling to dry patches. The concealer offers medium coverage but it is buildable and doesn’t crease under the eyes – impressive. The translucent powder is a lovely touch as well as it helps brighten up the under eye area beautifully. It helps the concealer stay on longer and minimizes the appearance of pores too. Brilliant.

If all of the above didn’t give it away – I fell head over heels in love with this Soap & Glory gem. It is multi-functional, it is brightening, it covers all redness and imperfections and it is incredibly hydrating! Couldn’t be asking for more really!

Have you tried the Kick Ass Concealer? How do you like it?

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Beach Skincare

beach skincare products

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Sunscreen

The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz

As boring as it might sound to some, taking care of our skin whilst we are sipping on cocktails at the beach or by the pool is absolutely essential. Period. It still baffles me how some people could stay out in the sun, tanning the whole day without any sun protection… I think I’ll skip the part where I talk about the oh-so-familiar nasty side effect of the sun (*cough* skin cancer and wrinkles) and just say - put that SPF on and protect your skin! Since I just came back from my holiday, I figured I’d show you which were the Top 3 skincare bits that I was religiously taking to the beach with me. Protected and refreshed skin? Check.

Face sunscreen is something that I almost never leave the house without, so needless to say that when I know I’ll be exposing my skin to the sun for hours I want to be prepared to combat the dangerous UV rays more than ever. This is when the incredible La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL (here) comes in action. This has been my beach best friend for a couple of years now and with a good reason. It offers the incredible SPF 50+ , which is as high as you could get really and the good news is that I can actually feel that my skin is protected. No sunburns, no dehydrated skin, no sight of age spots. It’s love! The one I have is the Melt-in Cream, which is perfect for dry/normal skin but there are multiple options from the Anthelios range to suit everyone’s needs. This gem feels really comfortable on the skin and since it is infused with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water it is supposed to be especially good for people with sensitive skin. The sunscreen has never irritated my skin or caused breakouts, which I couldn’t be happier about. I tend to apply the cream all over my face, neck, chest and shoulders and just spray the rest of my body with regular body SPF. One thing I have to mention about Anthelios though is that it could leave a white residue if you don’t rub the product in well enough, so take your time. It doesn’t have the fastest absorbing formula either, so I wouldn’t recommend it for using under makeup. Apart from that – it does work wonders, so get involved if you’re on a hunt for a new sunscreen.

If you fancy something that could be used under makeup or worn on its own, whilst adding some coverage this Bioderma Photoderm AR Tinted Cream (here) is the one to go for. It adds light coverage, which looks extremely natural and evens out the skin tone beautifully. It sinks right in, which makes it the perfect under-foundation companion for when you will be out in the sun for the day.  This anti-redness beauty feels hydrating and soothing and the high SPF 50+ offers the perfect protection from UVA and UVB rays. Photoderm AR is also water resistant and designed for all skin types. Score.

Skin protection done! Now I am all about keeping my skin refreshed and healthy looking and to help me with that I adore The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz (here). Pop this divine-smelling gem into your bag and give your face some spritzes to keep your skin feel refreshed, energized and hydrated. This instant pick-me-up adds such beautiful glow to my face and leaves the skin feel soft and smooth. It could be used as makeup setting spray as well - amazing. Great everyday staple for those hot, humid days.

Have you tried any of these products before? Which are your favorite skincare beach essentials?

Lots of love,

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Essie Mezmerised Nail Polish / Review

essie mezmerised nail polish

essie mezmerised nail polish

essie mezmerised nail polish

essie mezmerised nail polish swatches

My blue nail polish obsession is at its peak at the moment and I cannot help myself but having Essie Mezmerised glued to my tips. It might be because of the fact that I am currently at the seaside or because I didn’t really take many nail varnish options with me but either way – I absolutely love the gorgeous deeper royal blue shade of Mezmerised. The beautiful cream is so stunning and it really reminds me of sea, water and beaches, which makes it the perfect summer nail companion. It’s not your typical super bright and vivid summer color and that’s exactly what I love about it. I am all about the different and unique shades and Mezmerised delivers brilliantly. The polish is a bit darker than it looks in the bottle and I actually adore the deeper hues. This beauty looks equally stunning worn on both fingernails and toes and the gorgeous high-shine finish is to die for.

Usually with Essie polishes the formula is hit or miss but Mezmerised is a total hit. Hands down one of the best nail lacquer formulas I’ve come across, this gem is incredible pigmented and I can easily get away with just one coat and be done. The polish goes on like a breeze and is neither too think nor too thin – it’s the perfect balance really, so no more streaks or unevenness! Brilliant. Mezmerised literally did mesmerise me with how fast it dries – less than 30 seconds and I am ready to head out the door! The brush of this gem is the perfect size, allowing you to cover the nail on just one swipe and offering great application precision. Staying power wise? It is excellent and the varnish stays on without budging for days and days! So my final verdict? I can only say - go get involved with Mezmerised if you are into the whole I-am-at-the-beach vibe this beauty gives. The shade left me smitten and the formula is a winner.

Have you tried Essie Mezmerised before? How do you like it? Which is your favorite blue nail polish?

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder / Review

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder in 52 Vanilla

Drugstore powder is usually the one makeup item that I try to stay away from. I’ve tried a bunch in the past but none of them agreed with my skin, so I learnt my lesson – for face powders go for high-end. At least that was the case before I got introduced to the ah-mazing Bourjois Healthy Balance powder (here) a few months ago. Some say it’s a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk powder, I would say that it really reminds me of Chanel Les Beiges, but either way – this stuff is incredible! Its extremely fine and soft texture helps the powder glide on the skin like charm and the old ‘powdery face’ days are way behind us with this gem. Healthy Balance is aimed at giving matte, yet luminous and healthy glow to the skin, without adding much coverage. Check and check!

The powder is almost translucent and blends seamlessly into the skin, which makes it the perfect concealer partner. I got the shade 52 Vanilla, which is a bit too light for me at the moment but due to the sheer coverage it’s all perfect. Healthy Balance is one of the finest setting powders I’ve tried, because it is almost undetectable on the skin, it feels super lightweight and it locks the makeup for some good 8-10 hours. The very thing that captured my heart with this beauty, however, was the finish. When I swirl my brush around my face I instantly see how my skin sort of blurs and I am left with stunning airbrushed complexion with no fine lines or pores in sight. Brilliant. The best part though is the fact that even though being matte, my skin has that healthy, radiant glow, which we all know and love. Moral of the story? There are indeed drugstore face powders that work wonders and this beauty is the living proof.

Have you ever tried Bourjois Healthy Balance powder? Which is your favorite face powder?

Lots of love,

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Travel Beauty / The Essentials

Anyone else has overpacking problems? Join the club! Seeing as I am heading off to the seaside tomorrow morning, I decided to prove everyone (myself included) that I can do it – I can leave the house without my makeup jam-packed Alex drawers and actually survive. So here is how it goes – I allowed myself to pick maximum two products from each category and take off without all the excess makeup that I’d usually take with me. I mean who needs five different mascaras when they are at the beach, right? And even though I am pretty sure I do, I decided to leave my hoarder self at home and do my best to break that overpacking curse…

Two from each category. Okay, that one’s easy – without thinking twice my top foundation choices would be my new love L’Oreal True Match foundation (here) and the oldie but a goodie – Chanel Vitamumiere Aqua (here). Since getting the L’Oreal one last week, I’ve been obsessed – beautiful coverage, which manages to cover pretty much everything, while leaving the skin looking oh-so-natural. This beauty blends beautifully into the skin and I absolutely adore the semi-matte, yet dewy finish it gives. It’s love. If I don’t need that much coverage and when I’m at the seaside I usually tend to go for lighter foundations, so picking Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua was an obvious choice. It feels super lightweight on the skin and the luminous finish is to die for. The foundation is buildable and blends like charm for a stunning natural look. It also has SPF, which is great for when I’ll be out in the sun the whole day.

We’ve gotta cover those dark circles and imperfections, so I opted for my trusty Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer (here) and the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer (here). The MUFE one is great for covering spots and leaving the skin look absolutely flawless. Love that it is water proof as well – my beach best friend. For dark circles, Wake Me Up is my best bet as it makes them nowhere to be seen and brightens up the whole complexion in just one swipe. Brilliant.

I am not a huge powder gal but I figured since I’ll be out in the hot my makeup could use some extra help in staying on longer. Chanel Le Beiges (here) is the perfect option as it adds gorgeous healthy glow to the skin and makes it look fresh, while still helping the makeup stay in place. The SPF 15 is nice to have as well.

Saving space screams for one thing – little pallets and kits. And this lovely contour duo from Sleek (here) is right up my street. The beautiful matte, non-orange bronzer gives the perfect ‘slim face’ illusion when used as contour or if used all over the face it adds stunning sun-kissed glow, which I adore. The soft non-glittery highlighter is the perfect skin pick-me-up and I also like to put it on my eyelids to brighten the look.

For cheeks I decided to go for pink and peach. Pink from Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush (here) and peach from Milani Luminoso (here). Both are stunning and I love how they brighten up my complexion while still keeping everything as natural and pretty as possible. Just one swirl of my brush is everything I need with these two – they are super pigmented and blend effortlessly. Cheeks done, moving on to lips!

Picking only two lipsticks is pretty much a mission impossible for a lipstick addict like myself but I somehow managed to do it and the lucky winners are MAC Impassioned (here) and Topshop Ohh La La (here). Impassioned is this gorgeous bright pink-red, which just screams summer and it would be the ideal companion for my holiday. It is one of those lippies that brighten up the face and add such beautiful pop of color. Love it! Ohh La La (review and swatches here) owns my heart on the peach front. Its gorgeous bright, almost neon shade makes me look so healthy and fresh and the buttery, moisturizing formula is to die for too.

My eyebrows’ best friend for the past two months has been Benefit Gimme Brow (here), which I am obsessed with, so it’s ready to jump into my travel makeup bag. It is the best product to keep my hairs in place, while the little fibers add volume and texture to my brows. One swipe and I’m left with fuller, thicker and defined brows. Miracle in a tube! Review here.

I usually don’t tend to wear lots of eye shadows when I’m going to the seaside, so I just picked two of my favorite swipe-and-go cream shadows. MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (review here) is ideal for an everyday, natural eye makeup. I love how its gorgeous champagne-y color makes my eyes pop and adds light to the look. For a quick and faff-free smokey eye for the evenings, I opted for this Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Pint in Rich Russet (here). This long lasting, non-crease cream shadow offers beautiful wash of bronze in just one swipe and stays put for hours and hours.

I still haven’t found waterproof mascara that I like (fire away your recommendations) so I picked Benefit They’re Real (here) to accompany me on my trip. I took it with me last year and remember it to perform well on those hot, humid days - I didn’t end up looking like a panda, so in my makeup bag it goes. It makes my lashes long and voluminous as well, so it’s the best of both worlds really.

Well I think that’s everything on my list. Of course I’m sure that when I start packing tonight I’ll end up picking a lipstick or two (or five) more but I will do my best to behave. Wish me luck haha.

Lots of love,

Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Sorbet / Review

the body shop pink grapefruit body sorbet

the body shop pink grapefruit body sorbet

Summer is right around the corner and our skin is getting more and more exposed, which means it’s time for us to take some extra care for it and make it look all healthy and glowy. I am always on a hunt for the perfect body butter or lotion to keep my skin hydrated and The Body Shop is one of the brands that I always come back to. They have all the boxes ticked – divine-smelling products, which offer long lasting hydration. Perfect. So naturally, when this little Body Sorbet in Pink Grapefruit arrived all the way from Amsterdam, I was extremely excited to give it a little try. And I loved it!

The Body Sorbets are the newest addition to The Body Shop body care family and come in four different scents (Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Satsuma and Strawberry). My mum knows me well, so getting the Pink Grapefruit one was a no-brainer for her - I adore everything citrusy. The Body Sorbet has a very unique texture and it’s unlike anything I’ve tried before. It is super lightweight and feels really refreshing (and almost cooling), while still injects moisture into the skin, leaving it really soft and smooth. The tube is packed with 100% organic Community Fair Trade Aloe from Guatemala, which ensures amazing lasting hydration.

The texture of the Sorbet kind of feels mouse-y or velvet-y and instantly adsorbs into the skin. It doesn’t leave greasy residue (or any sight of product for that matter), yet the skin instantly feels more comfortable and well moisturized. This, combined with the incredible uplifting zesty fragrance that lightly lingers for hours, this beauty has earned a top spot on my summer body care shelf. You could also put it in the fridge for an even more refreshing sensation – amazing! Summer I am ready for ya!

If you are from the UK and fancy giving the Body Sorbets a whirl, I think they are supposed to hit the stores on 16th July. 

Lots of love,

Friday, 9 May 2014

Lip Balm Obsessed / My Top 3

best lip balms nuxe reve de miel, eos lip balm, dior creme de rose

best lip balms nuxe reve de miel, eos lip balm, dior creme de rose

Move aside dry, chapped lips – you are no longer an issue! I’ve found three complete lip saviors that not only make my lips soft, full and juicy but also smell and taste divine. As a long-term dry lip sufferer, I’ve tried a lot of lip balms, but these three babies have definitely impressed me the most. They are different and unique and offer the perfect lip nourishment. Love. Them.

NUXE Reve de Miel (here), where have you been all my life! If I have to choose only one lip balm to use for the rest of my life, without blinking an eye I’d go for this gem. This godsend product has it all covered – it is specifically designed for dry, flakey lips and is enriched with honey and precious oil to nourish and condition the deeper layers of the lips. Reve de Miel leaves my lips super soft and smooth and it actually makes them appear fuller and more supple. The consistency is a bit odd as it’s very thick and feels a bit grainy, but once the balm melts – it feels lightweight and smooth. It dries matte, so if you have chapped lips, put a thin layer under your lippy and you are good to go. My advice? Get involved! Review here.

I cannot talk lip balms without mentioning the oh-so-famous Dior Crème e Rose (here). It seems to be owning everyone’s heart these days and I can see why – it’s love. This beauty knows a thing or two about lip moisturizing and let me tell you - when used as overnight treatment the results are downright incredible! Hello nourished, softer and plumper lips! The somehow thicker, waxy texture is not my favorite but the results are mind-blowing so it’s all good. Crème de Rose has the most amazing non-artificial rose scent, which I absolutely adore and which adds to the whole luxury feel of the product. If you are not willing to splurge on a lip balm, the Soap&Glory A Great Kisser (here) balm is just a fraction of the price and it’s a pretty decent drugstore alternative.

EOS lip balms. They are fun, colorful, affordable, taste amazing and above all – offer amazing hydration when you are on the go. Throw these little spheres in your handbag and your lips will be sorted for the day. They are super lightweight and glide on like breeze, leaving the lips feel super soft and smooth. The EOS balms sit brilliantly under lipstick and prime the lips wonderfully. They are 95% organic, 100% natural, and free of parabens and petroleum. Great! My favorite scent is Sweet Mint (here), which has a nice minty flavor and I adore the tingly feeling it gives – so refreshing. Another one of my favorites is Honeysuckle Honeydew (here), which I find hydrates the best.

Have you tried any of these lip balms before? Which is your favorite lip balm that helps you combat the dry lips?

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Top 5 Spring Nails

Top 5 Spring Nails

Essie Lilacism And Essie French Affair

Spring Nail Polishes

Top 5 Spring Nails Swatches

Now that spring has officially sprung, I thought it would be fun to share my top nail polish picks for the season. I love me some good pastel, colorful mani, so changing my nail shades from vampy to bright is always an exciting process. For the past month or so I had a good play with lots of vibrant, milky colors and here are the top five that made the cut.

The clean and utterly feminine manicure will never go out of style, so the polish that helps me get that look this spring comes from Essie with their beautiful French Affair (here) offering.  Its gorgeous baby pink with a pinch of purple captured my heart years ago and now it made quite the comeback. It is classy and elegant and I love how clean and healthy it makes my hands look. The glossy finish and the long lasting formula are also some of the perks with this beauty. If you are looking for another lighter, ladylike shade, Essie Fiji (review here) is also a great bet.

Pastel purple tips are a spring must-have and my favorite one is Essie’s Lilacism (here). It was a favorite last year and it still owns my heart, even though the shade has changed a bit with the time. It used to be true lilac, whereas now it reminds me more of periwinkle with a hint of grey. It’s still absolutely stunning and perfect for spring though, so you won’t hear me complaining. The beautiful whimsical cream is unlike any other lilac I own and I love how classy, yet fun at the same time it is. The formula is a bit too watery for my liking but gets the job done and it’s the final results that matter, isn’t it! Full review and swatches here.

Sunny yellow. Without a doubt the perfect spring and summer nail companion. And rather hard to find one that’s light and happy, as opposed to the usual suspects – dull and dirtily looking. Fear not though – I found the perfect one and it comes in the form of Models Own Lemon Meringue (here). It is happy, it is calming and refreshing and it makes my hands look tan, so what can I say – it is the best yellow nail polish and I love every bit of it. The formula is also good for a yellow shade (why do they always have terrible formula is beyond me) – it’s opaque, not too streaky and dries quick enough. Go grab one if you feel more daring. Review here.

Blue nails, a nice pair of sunnies and bright lipstick – that’s all I need to get myself fully excited for summer, whilst still enjoying the first sunrays of the spring. Essie’s beautiful Bikini So Teeny (here) is the perfect transition shade and it’s right up my alley for many reasons. Its stunning cornflower, light blue shade is so unique and different and always makes a statement. The beautiful finely milled shimmer in the polish adds to the lovely sheeny finish, which I absolutely adore. The formula could’ve been better but for that color, I am willing to shut my eyes to it. See my full review and swatches here.

If you were to tell me two years ago that I’d ever include a bright green polish into my faves, I would’ve have called you a crazy person. But that’s what blogging did to me – made me a lot bolder in my beauty choices and this Bourjois Green Fizz polish is the living proof. This almost-neon green is such a confidence booster and turns heads – lemme tell ya that! I love how unique and daring it is and if you fancy stepping out of your pink-coral-neutral color comfort zone, this is where to start. The formula is downright incredible - the brush covers the nail in one swipe and the polish is so opaque that you can get always with only one coat. Brilliant.

Have you tried any of these polishes before? How do you like them? Which is your favorite nail polish for spring 2014?

Lots of love,
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