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Five Beauty Tips and Tricks to Remember #4

Who doesn’t love a good portion of beauty tips and tricks to make us more makeup savvy! I surely do and Pinterest has been my best friend for things like that. Today, however, I’ll be sharing some of my tried and tested beauty tips that will help you improve the condition of your skin, make your lips appear fuller, yours eyes more awake and your hair more voluminous! Grab a cuppa and enjoy! :)

The Illusion of Fuller / Bigger Lips

We all dream of having a perfect pout a la Rosie Huntington-Whiteley but sadly mother nature hasn’t been so generous to all us ladies. The good news though is that thanks to makeup we actually could get one step closer to achieving the beautiful illusion of plumper lips. First thing you can do is to overdraw your lips slightly when wearing lipstick. And when I say slightly, I mean it. If you want to keep things natural and spare yourself the shame of looking like a clown you need to make sure that you DO NOT go above the little white line that is around the pigmented part of your lips. Everyone has that white highlighting line above our natural lip color and this is as far as you should go when overdrawing your lips. Use it as a guide and know that anything above it would look too fake and overboard. If overdrawing is not your cup of tea here is what else you could do to make your lips appear larger and more juicy. Apply your lipstick as usual, take your favorite lip gloss and swipe it on right in the middle of your lips. This will instantly highlight them and create the illusion of plumper lips, especially if you use a gloss with slight shimmer running through it. If you are not a gloss type of gal you could also use a shimmery / frosty eye shadow and place it right in the center of your lips. Then for some extra plumping take your favorite highlighter and apply it carefully on your cupids bow. After that is done, using some non-shimmery bronzer, apply a small amount right in the little hollow / shadow that is created right below your lower lip. These last two steps will trick people into thinking that both your top and bottom lips are bigger then they actually are and you will enjoy your au naturel larger-looking lips. Simples.

Reverse Shampooing

When I first heard of reverse shampooing a few months ago I was like ‘This just sounds wrong!’. However, being my curious self, I decided to give it a little whirl and I was literally blown away! Basically, ‘reverse shampooing’ means that you have to use your conditioner before your shampoo. As weird as it sounds it actually does work wonders. My hair has never had more volume or felt cleaner. Since your conditioner tends to weight down your hair and leave some residue, using the shampoo after completely sorts that out. And fear not – your hair will still be super soft and shiny because the conditioner still provides the needed moisture but the shampoo eliminates the residue, making your locks more bouncy and voluminous. Brilliant.

Double Cleanse

I literally cannot stress the importance of double cleansing enough! This is the very thing that saved my skin and since incorporating the method into my skincare regime, my skin has improved SO much. I know cleansing is a chore and some people couldn’t be bothered to cleanse once, let alone twice but trust me – your skin will be massively thanking you. Going to bed with makeup should not be an option, let me put it that way. The easiest way to ensure that your skin is clean and acne-free (unless it is hormonal) is to double cleanse. Take some heavy-duty cleanser (balm / oil or whatever tickles your fancy), and really work it into your face to get rid of all the makeup and dirt. Rinse off and follow up with milder, lighter cleanser to purify the skin. The results are going to come quickly and be obvious, pinky promise!

Brighten Up The Eye Area

Some people think that using just an under eye concealer is enough to brighten up the eye area but let’s face it – it is not. Surely it does get rid of the dark circles and bags but to actually add life to your eyes there is one or two more steps to be taken. If you look tired and dull and want to look more present and awake you should get involved with the little ‘white eye shadow and nude eyeliner’ trick. Pop some white/cream/pearly shadow or pencil in the inner corner of the eye, in the middle of the lid and right under your brow bone. This will instantly add light to the look and will enhance the area beautifully. Your eyes will appear more awake and lifted as well. Then using nude kohl, line your waterline. The nude color will counteract any redness you may have and it will open up the eyes, making them look bigger. Lovely.

The Right Way to Apply Blush

There are many ways to apply blush and it all depends on the shape of your face. There is, however, one universal rule that we all need to follow: Always allow two fingers from your nose to where the blush starts! Place two fingers next to your nose and apply the blush beyond that point. That way it would look the most natural and you won’t have to worry about creating the illusion of fuller cheeks and rounder face. Who knew!

Have you tried any of these tips? Which is your favorite beauty tip that I should check out?

Lots of love,


  1. I'm really intrigued to find out how the reverse shampooing works? It sounds really weird but I want to see if it's good :)
    Becca xx

  2. oh well, now I have to shampoo my hair again ;p thanks for those tips!

    x Rose

  3. awesome tips!

  4. Thanks for the great tips, especially the blush one!!!

  5. I've heard so many things about reverse shampooing! I'm scared to try it because my hair is super curly and I'm scared it will make my hair really knotty! Lovely tips! xx
    Rena Kiss and Make Up

  6. Yes I completely agree with you on the double cleanse it really makes a difference!! I've heard about he reverse shampooing before but never tried it, maybe I'll give it a go now :) x

  7. Reverse shampooing has helped me hair so so much! Great tips :) need to try more of these! xo

  8. Love the double cleanse method, and I've never heard of reverse shampooing. I do like the sound of it but from years of training I've learnt shampoo really strips your hair of all essential oils to help clean and conditioning helps put them back in again so in theory your putting them in just to take them all out again? One thing I would suggest if you want volumed hair is to use both a volumising shampoo and conditioner as they are designed to be super light weight and won't weigh down your hair but still keep it clean and soft :) x

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty & Lifestlye Blog!

  9. Some great tips, I love the one to make the lips look fuller. I always find a gloss instantly makes mine appear bigger.

    Kristy |

  10. Great post! Recently started doing reverse shampooing too and its genius! Blush wise I always line it up with my pupils for a natural look! Shall be double cleansing more often now, thanks!

    Beth |

  11. Love your tips, especially the lips one! x
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  12. The reverse shampoo!
    I have never heard about this tip,I will have to try asap!
    Great tips, I love these kind of posts :)

  13. I've heard of all of these and implement them in my regime! :)

  14. Definitely wanna try the reverse shampooing trick, never heard of it but it seems interesting!

    L&L -

  15. I remember doing the reverse shampoo and suddenly stopped, but I'll be sure to keep in my mind that trick next time. I love the two finger by the nose blush tip! To be honest, I just start my blush wherever, haha.

  16. started doing reverse-shampooing about 1 month ago and yes it works wonders!!
    Nail Masque

  17. Great tips, I need to give this reverse shampooing a go!

    CassandraMyee | Beauty | Fashion | Life

  18. I cannot agree more on double cleansing! Also, I find light green eyeliner on the waterline can also make your eyes pop and look more awake. ;)


  19. Never done reverse shampooing. Sounds like ima try it tonight. Thanks for the tip! Xx.

  20. Great tips! I'll have to try the reverse shampooing! xx

  21. Nice post! I will definately try today the reverse shampooing since it sounds like a good idea!

  22. I've double cleansed for years now and could never go back - my face wouldn't feel clean!! I also use the two fingers trick for blush, such a great tip! xx

  23. I have never heard of reverse shampooing but I will definitely be trying it! sounds so strange but makes complete sense..

    Life's a highway

  24. These are all so useful! Going to try the reverse shampooing and double cleansing tonight for sure :) xx


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