Saturday, 30 August 2014

Monthly Roundup / August

Hello beauties! How have you been? I am currently sitting on the beach, sipping on a mojito and enjoying every bit of sunshine possible. I don’t remember when was the last time I felt so content and relaxed. This is indeed a much needed getaway where I get to spend a lot of ‘me’ time, reflecting on everything that has happened from the begging of the year. And there is a lot of it. Both good and bad, but I guess that’s just a part of life. Bad things come and go to only open up a door for new great moments and people to come into our lives. Yes, I new do believe in this and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has up its sleeve. Bring it on! But let’s not great ahead of ourselves and round the month of August up first! Here is an overview of my top three favorite posts; hope you enjoy! I am sending you all much love and kisses from the seaside! Muahh!



Thursday, 28 August 2014

August Favorites

benefit they're real makeup removal

Favorites timeee! Whoop September is right around the corner and I am excited that fall is coming our way. Gosh, how much I missed the deeper, darker colors! It feels quite weird saying that having in mind that I am currently on a summer holiday but let’s just say that I have had enough of the summer makeup and cannot wait to rock my beloved vampy lip. Having said that, I am afraid that August hasn’t been very exciting beauty wise as I was restraining myself of buying much summer bits we all know I don’t need. However, I still have some fantastic bits that I brought with me to the seaside and I am absolutely loving them. Shall we jump right in? Let’s go!

I couldn’t do my August favorites without talking about this amazing Aussie brand that has flooded out Instagram feeds with pretty pictures of stunning colorful bikinis! Yep, you know the one – TRIANGL! When I was kindly sent their beautiful Winnie – Arizona Sunset* swimsuit (here) I was literally smitten. From the stunning pastel neon orange color to the super comfy neoprene fabric – it ticks all boxes and I absolutely love sporting it on the beach. The quality of the swimsuit is out of this word – it is firm but cushiony soft at the same time and it just hugs the body, making you feel super airy and comfortable in your own skin. The color of the bikini is the best part as it is so unique and eye catching and I love that it makes me look tan even though I actually resemble a ghost haha. In one word – it rocks.

Okay, I am not a big beach / pool makeup wearer but a touch of waterproof mascara won’t hurt anyone, am I right. Having said that, we all know how these remove – they could be such a pain unless you have a great makeup remover to handle the situation. And I am happy to report that I found mine! Say hello to the Benefit They’re Real Removal* (here). This baby strips off the very last bit of my waterproof eye makeup in literally two swipes. It is a cream based removal, which might feel a bit old school for some and it could get a bit messy but hey - it gets the job done perfectly and that’s what counts right! You end up with absolutely no trace of makeup whatsoever and with super hydrated eye area. Also – no dragging and pulling up the skin needed! Simples.

Another Benefit gem has made its way into my favorites this month. Yes, I am looking at you Benefit Boi-Ing Concrealer (here). This is such an oldie but a total goodie and I rediscovered all the magic it does recently. It covers everything from my dark under eye circles to any spots and blemishes I might be dealing with. And it does a fab job! It has a lovely creamy formula that blends like charm, ensuring around eight hors of wear without fading or creasing, while still adding just the right amount of coverage. It’s love.

I have been on a peachy makeup kick recently and this MAC Springsheen blush (here) has been keeping me the best company. Let’s just have a moment and appreciate the gorgeous peachy coral shade and the stunning golden shimmer that runs through it. Absolutely amazing and I adore the way Springsheen warms up my complexion and adds beautiful sheen to my cheeks. The formula is hands down incredible as well with its mind blowing color pay off. One gentle dab of the brush and that’s both your cheeks done for the day. Literally.

YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in #13 Peach Passion (here). Yes I know I’ve talked about this baby a million times before but that’s just what has been gracing my lips for the majority of August. Plus, if you need one final push before you decide to splurge on an YSL lippy I am happy to help haha. The formula of the Rouge Volupe range is probably the best one I have found. And I’ve tried many! It just glides on, giving full blown color in just one swipe and the silky soft, non-drying feeling really tickles my fancy. Sadly the longevity is not its strongest feature as it starts to disappear around the second hour mark. However, thanks to the gorgeous luxurious packaging the reapplication is a total bliss and I enjoy every second of it to be honest. Peach Passion is the ideal peachy shade for my pink toned complexion and I love that it is bright but wearable at the same time. The perfect all rounder.

Have you tried any of these products before? Which is the one product that you have been obsessed with this past month?

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Amazing Advertisers / August

Hello lovelies! Exciting times here at RosyChicc headquarters! It’s that time of the month where I introduce you to the lovely ladies who has been gracing my sidebar for the past month. I love Advertisers posts as I always manage to find new incredible reads to add to my favorite blogs. I hope that this will be the case today and you’ll bookmark some of these gems. In the mix we have a beautiful wedding website, a lovely botanical skincare shop and an amazing lifestyle and beauty blog. Hope you enjoy! :)

Celebrating 11 years of service in 2014, provides the complete guide map for every couple’s wedding planning adventure. empowers couples to create a wedding that perfectly encompasses their style and budget. From checklists to inspiration galleries, delivers a robust offering of locally relevant and reliable resources, including a suite of free wedding planning tools all designed to guide couples on a stress-free journey to wedded bliss.

Batty’s Blog is a space where Batty opens up her studio doors, shares her research and field notes, and lets you take a peek into her world: from her work to her hobbies – this space documents what it’s like to “be batty” - with the hope of…
• Inspiring others to be true to themselves
• Encouraging others to connect with the natural world and their inner hippy or green witch
• Shedding light on myths and misconceptions surrounding natural skin care
• Teaching what balanced skin really means (and how to get it)
• Building a cozy, soothing, dreamy space on the web for Batty and others to retreat into.

Welcome to The Shallow Void! I began this blog as an outlet for me to express my love for beauty, decoration, art, media, and food. It's a mix of all my interests that I hope to share with the world.


If you also fancy advertising on my blog all the info and prices are here! :)

Lots of love,

Thursday, 21 August 2014

NYX Stick Blush in Pink Lotus / Review

NYX Stick Blush in Pink Lotus

NYX Stick Blush in Pink Lotus

NYX Stick Blush in Pink Lotus

NYX Stick Blush in Pink Lotus Swatches

What? Another pink blush review, I hear you say. Well what can I do, I have a serious soft spot for pink cheeks and I just can’t stay away from them. This time the star of the show is the NYX Stick Blush in Pink Lotus (here). Being my very first blush in stick form I didn’t know what to expect and truthfully I still don’t know if it ticks all boxes. I have quite the list of requirements and I am rather picky with my blushes so unless it’s a mind blowing product it goes directly on the bench. So if you wanna learn more about the faith of this cute lil’ NYX gem read on.

Starting off with the shade, I must admit that at first I was slightly disappointed and rather happy at the same time. Let’s put it that way – the color of the packaging may trick you into thinking that Pink Lotus is a lovely pink-y coral. It’s not. It is, however, a gorgeous cool toned pink and we all know how I feel about those. This baby compliments my skin tone beautifully and is the perfect everyday companion. It brightens up the complexion and just perks up the skin instantly. Now what definitely does not float my boat about Pink Lotus is the golden shimmer that’s running through the color. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some shimmery blush but this is just not right. Initially, it looks stunning and highlights the cheeks but when the color decides to fade around the third hour mark the shimmer just stays there, hanging around on its own. Not a cute look.

Apart from the awkward fading, I quite like the formula of the Pink Lotus. Tct is pretty solid in the stick but luckily doesn’t feel drying on the skin and even gives a touch of healthy glow. I like to apply two thin layers of the blush and I am left with non-heavy product and cake-free pop of color. You can just dab the stick lightly onto the skin, which doesn’t disturb the base and I love that the blush doesn’t accentuate dry patches. I usually use my fingers to blend it in and I love how the warmth of my fingers makes everything blend seamlessly. Pink Lotus has a lovely color pay off and could be build up or down. So my final verdict? The shade is fab, the formula is lovely but I just cannot get over the shimmer situation. Pink Lotus has already been sent to my ‘didn’t make the cut’ drawer but I’ll definitely get a few of the non-shimmery Stick Blushes. Stay tuned.

Have you tried the NYX Stick Blushes? How do you like them? Which is your favorite shade?

Lots of love,
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