Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Amazing Advertisers / August

Hello lovelies! Exciting times here at RosyChicc headquarters! It’s that time of the month where I introduce you to the lovely ladies who has been gracing my sidebar for the past month. I love Advertisers posts as I always manage to find new incredible reads to add to my favorite blogs. I hope that this will be the case today and you’ll bookmark some of these gems. In the mix we have a beautiful wedding website, a lovely botanical skincare shop and an amazing lifestyle and beauty blog. Hope you enjoy! :)

Celebrating 11 years of service in 2014, mywedding.com provides the complete guide map for every couple’s wedding planning adventure. mywedding.com empowers couples to create a wedding that perfectly encompasses their style and budget. From checklists to inspiration galleries, mywedding.com delivers a robust offering of locally relevant and reliable resources, including a suite of free wedding planning tools all designed to guide couples on a stress-free journey to wedded bliss.

Batty’s Blog is a space where Batty opens up her studio doors, shares her research and field notes, and lets you take a peek into her world: from her work to her hobbies – this space documents what it’s like to “be batty” - with the hope of…
• Inspiring others to be true to themselves
• Encouraging others to connect with the natural world and their inner hippy or green witch
• Shedding light on myths and misconceptions surrounding natural skin care
• Teaching what balanced skin really means (and how to get it)
• Building a cozy, soothing, dreamy space on the web for Batty and others to retreat into.

Welcome to The Shallow Void! I began this blog as an outlet for me to express my love for beauty, decoration, art, media, and food. It's a mix of all my interests that I hope to share with the world.


If you also fancy advertising on my blog all the info and prices are here! :)

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