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Monthly Favorites / July

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Maxfactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink

Too faced pink leopard blushing bronzer

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

I still can’t quite wrap my head around it but judging by the calendar on my phone we are already a few days into August. What? Well, at this point I think it’s safe to say that 2014 is slipping through my fingers and I feel as if I am missing out on so many things. I have been trying to ‘seize the moment’ and live each day to the fullest and even though I’m struggling at times I feel like I am slowly getting there. Thankfully, August will be the perfect time to make the whole ‘Carpe Diem’ thing permanent as I have quite a few things planned and my *much needed* holiday at the end of the month will definitely give me the boost I need. Anyway, back to topic – beauty wise July definitely rocked. I got to try some exciting new products, which will be featured on RosyChicc soon but what I am most excited about is all the rediscovered bits and bobs I found when I was shopping my stash. From mascara to nail polish, here are July most-loved:

For someone like me who is a total beauty packaging snob, it’s hard to love a product with ugly and cheap-looking packaging but the Maxfactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink (here) completely changed the rules of the game. Not only that I absolutely adore this little pink pot but I can honestly say that it is the best cream blush I have ever tried. Literally. From the lovely easy-to-blend, creamy formula that just adds lovely dewiness to my skin and wears for hours and hours to the highly pigmented and complimenting pink-y shade – I love it all. Review and swatches coming your way soon so stay tuned for the full report.

Continuing the cheeks talk, I had to share a beauty that I found laying around my makeup collection. I haven’t been using it for absolute ages so I wiped away the dust and fell in love with it all over again. Meet the ever-so-beautiful Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer (here). This is the perfect summertime glow getter. It combines your blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one and the results are downright brilliant. This cute animal printed gem, gives the most beautiful sun kissed bronze-y look and adds stunning wash of pink-y color. It instantly perks up the skin and makes it look radiant and healthy without going too shimmery or glittery. I am also quite fond of the easy breezy application and the amazing wear power. Pink Leopard has been gracing my cheeks recently and it is a total winner in my books.

I’ve talked about the Maybelline Mega Plush mascara here and I know I said that it doesn’t give the dramatic, doll-like lash effect I adore but since it is summer I am now into more natural, daytime makeup and this beauty gives me exactly that. It just separates my lashes beautifully and adds some pretty black tint. I also love the lightweight formula and the fact that it gets me through the day without smearing, and flaking gets big thumbs up. Mega Plush won’t make your lashes ten times bigger and longer but if you just fancy enhancing them, this mascara is a must. You can get it here.

Essie Mint Candy Apple (here). This is definitely an oldie but a total goodie and I am glad it is back on my ‘most-used’ shelf. Summertime and mint greens go hand in hand and this gorgeous mint-y aqua blue shade only comes to prove it. Mint Candy Apple is fun, unique and makes my hands tan. What else you could ask for! The formula is not ideal as it is a bit faffy to apply but once it sets – it will melt your heart and won’t bug you with chipping or tip wear. *About to paint my nails with it*! Full review and swatches here.

This may seem a bit random but I take my sanitizers very seriously. They need to leave my hands feel clean and not sticky, to be antibacterial, to smell divine and to be small enough to fit in my makeup bag. Check, check and double check. The fantastic Bath and Body Works PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel in Paris Amour (here) ticks all boxes and I have been using it daily throughout July. It kills all germs whilst leaving the hands lightly fragranced of ‘French tulips and pink champagne’. Oh and I also adore the subtle sparkles running through the gel – they are such a lovely touch!

Have you tried any of these products? Which one is your favorite?

Lots of love,


  1. Gorgeous favourites! I need some Too Faced products, the blush/bronzer looks amazing!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Mint Candy Apple is definitely my all time favourite, it's such a summery shade! xx

  3. That Too Faced bronzer looks so pretty! I'm definitely trying this out.


  4. Essie Mint Candy Apple is one of my all-time favourite polish! Love the look of that Too Faced Blushing Bronzer!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  5. I am loving that Essie nail polish color! So gorgeous - I might have to go grab some :)

    this sojourner

  6. The leopard pattern is goooorgeous!

  7. I really need to try the Too Faced Bronzer! Like you, I'm such a beauty packaging snob and instantly fall in love when it has a beautiful packaging. Such gorgeous favourites :)

  8. awesome!

  9. I love the Bath and Body works mini hand sanitizers and love the little accessories you can get with them to hang them on your keys. I love the one in Market Peach!

  10. Lovely favourites! :) Wishing we had Bath and Body Works in Australia. I love the candles and would like to try the other products! they all sound like they smell amazing! Xx

  11. So many beautiful photos! Absolutely love your blog <3


  12. I hope to find Max Factor cream blush in our shops soon, I will surely buy it. Nice products!


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