Thursday, 22 September 2016

Reasons Why I Love Autumn

Reasons to love autumn

Reasons to love autumn

Reasons to love autumn

Reasons to love autumn

Happy Autumn everyone! Today is the first day of fall and I am currently snuggled up in a blanket with a cup of white hot chocolate and fuzzy socks on. I feel beyond cozy and I thought today is the perfect time to do a post like this. Autumn is definitely my favorite season and here are some of the reasons why I think it’s the most magical time of the year (after Christmas time, obviously).

1. Scented candles
2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
3. Watching Marnie jump into piles of leaves
4. Bonfire nights
5. Leaves changing color
6. Crisp air
7. Taking Lush baths
8. The smell of fire in a chilly evening
9. Halloween
10. Pumpkin carving
11. Berry lips and plum eyeshadows
12. Homemade apple pie
13. Apple picking  
14. Listening to the rain pouring outside
15. Eating my weight in roasted marshmallows
16. Knitted jumpers and cozy oversized scarfs
17. Wrapping myself up in a blanket in front of the TV
18. Kitchen smelling of cinnamon and nutmeg
19. Fuzzy socks
20. Cozy snuggles in front of the fireplace with a glass of red wine
21. Scary movie marathons
22. Hot drinks in pretty autumnal mugs
23. Reading books by the fireplace
24. Long walks in the beautiful misty mornings
25. Starting the Christmas countdown eek!

What’s your favorite thing about Autumn?

Lots of love,


  1. This list is spot on! It has me full on excited for Autumn :) great post sweetie xXx

  2. I love Autumn which is my fav season with Winter! I hate summer! Your pictures are stunning.

  3. I'm so excited for Autumn - fuzzy socks are literally the best!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. Great post! Can't wait!!!

  5. I can't wait for bonfires and scary movies!!

    Grace x

  6. Autumn is the best time of year for me, it's just so cosy! I love every bit of it!!!

  7. Just yes to all of this! I can't wait for layers, candles and cosiness! The weather during the day needs to remember it's Autumn though, it was ridiculously warm today!

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  8. Totally Agreee with all your reasons! My fave has to be the candles - I am candle obsesssssssssssssed! xo Georgie - AS YOU WISH UK xo

  9. I just love Autumn, I'm especially excited for Primark's range of ankle boots and winter pyjamas! I also love the Starbucks winter cups, makes me feel so festive! xx

  10. Love these points - I agree, Autumn is the best month! I wish I was snuggled up with a white hot chocolate right now! I absolutely love the colours during Autumn, both in nature and fashion (any excuse for a nice berry lip!) I also really can't wait to be snuggling up by the fire with a hot chocolate and watching Christmas films! (I know it's early, but I'm just so excited!)



  11. I'm obsessed with Bath & Body Works - there Fall range is always the best.

  12. Reading this post has made me so excited for Autumn!! :')

    Neelam | x

  13. I love everything about Autumn!! It's my favorite season and it's my birthday season!! I love when the leaves change colors, the fashion, pumpkin spice lattes and more. Love this post! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  14. omg, i'm so excited over this season now! i love the cold weather so much and this list is perfect

  15. Your photos are gorgeous!! Got to love a classic Autumnul Bath and Body Works candle!

  16. This post is just perfect. I am so excited for autumn and all things cozy! And your photos are beautiful!

    x Annabelle

  17. This post is the like the perfect list of why I love autumn! Amazing photos, by the way.

    Nour |

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